gats_korgonne_titfuckI still have to write a bunch of autofellatio and stuff for the new Treatment version, so this one is just going to have to be bugfixes. Next patch tomorrow, mayhaps (hopefully with content)!

0.6.74 Changelog:

  • Fixed a glitch where synthsheath Penny would not sell Throbb.
  • (Hopefully) Fixed multiple simultaneous sydian births so that they should no longer glitch out (Crossing my fingers on this one). If it works, it should delay the followup births a day.
  • Fixed an issue with c-snakes attacking twice in one turn and mangling their own formatting.
  • Fixed an issue with the Dryad anal scene being stuck grayed out for some characters.
  • Many typo fixes and other corrections.
  • Probably some new bugs we introduced.
  • Fenoxo’s love increased by 50%.

Korgonne titfuck came from pledging to Gats’ Patreon – one of the best investments I’ve made 😀