shou_hepaneThe Fentrain is a monstrosity borne on wings of lust and depravity, fueled by Fen’s irritation at being unable to play the BF1 beta or World of Warcraft expansion while he’s working.

It probably helps that I took a vacation to Canada last week, so taking off for any reason this week would be inexcusable.

This afternoon, I streamed for about three and a half hours fighting with various bugs and other issues. One issue was the complete lack of text about Drone shutdown and restart with shield gain/loss. Another related bug was TamWolf not working when shields were down. I’ve addressed both. Then I wrote 3,500 words of stuff about giving hermaphrodite cumcows some addiction perks and two auto-fellatio masturbation scenes this evening. It’s been a very productive day for ol’ Fenny-pants.

Now, those of you chomping at the bit for a release – I’ll probably try and code this cumcow stuff tomorrow, then put out a backer build. The public build will probably be on the 8th. I should be able to get something else done before then too, maybe a weapons shop for Uveto or some other small stuff.

Art is a WIP Shoubust she did this morning. Keep your eyes peeled, peoples!

P.S. I want to make cheat codes that will force certain version of the Treatment to proc.