mercThis one is gonna be a little roughed. I ran out of time to get all the stuff I wanted to get in, or to massage all the perks and add in some of the addict/withdrawal perks. I didn’t really get time to do a decent editing pass either, much to my disappointment. Definitely keep your eyes open if you decide to brave the new stuff, because it is likely still pretty fucky. Figure on a big bugfix patch after the weekend, perhaps with some more wrinkles and refinements to the new Treatment path.

0.6.75 Changelog:

  • Cheat codes have now been added to the Treatment. “bimbo” works for the female cow-girl variant. The others are slightly more self-explanatory!
  • A new variant has been added to the Treatment for cow-girls with penises (or that grow penises as a result of the Treatment).
  • Fixed Drone status messages to better inform you when you drone gets up or gets knocked down.
  • Tamwolf is back to not needing shields for power. Also added an item flag so that any future combat drones can operate in the same way (or not!)
  • Fixed parser calls and logic in many scenes to better handle clothing that exposes naughty bits, like the Omnisuit or Premium Armstrong suit.
  • Various other minor fixes and tweaks.

This probably CRAZY buggy, so don’t expect polish till Tuesday at the soonest.

(Adjatha’s mercenary bust seems a little concerned by this turn of events!)