dcl_penny_sprite_smI just wrapped up the mental transformation stuff for the Amazon transformation – the first 48 hours. A rough outline of the expected changes and their associated hour of appearance is posted on my twitter for the curious. Tomorrow I should have the time to plow through the physical changes and get a new build posted for you all. Despite a lot of text being similar to other Treatment effects, there are enough small, subtle changes that I’m basically going to be going through and recoding a lot of it. Effort is going to be happening. I might also try to do something I’m going to dub “hermy cow-slut” if I have enough time – basically the normal cow TF mixed with a bit of phallic loving. In theory it should be relatively easy to add in without a ton of work.

Also, I approved some pull requests for things like Ellie x Haley voyeurism and a new female (Edit: turns out Ramis is a girl) NPC by Nonesuch that Jacques00 slipped in. I looked over the former closer than the latter, and I gotta say Wsan knocked that scene out of the park – just like Adj & Shou have with some of the new busts.

TL;DR: Next patch will have Amazon Treatment, Haley x Ellie, a new NPC, and probably some older changes that have been banked.

Penny sprite-styled by DCLZexon. There’s an Anno one too, but I’ll leave that for Savin to share sometime!