siegwulfeWoohoo! Some new content I bet you guys have been waiting for. Check out the new hotness!

0.6.82 Changelog:

  • Reaha can now be cured of her addiction! There’s still some adjustments and tweaks to be made, and probably tons of bugs, but it should have some lovely new content for the Reaha-lovers out there.
  • Cured Reaha has all sorts of new features, like the ability to give clothes up or give small amounts of transformatives!
  • Some new combat drones can be purchased! Siegewulf, the ultimate in personal defense. These are likely going to receive some massive tuning in the future, so enjoy them before I dig into messing with them. (Dr. Badger has a bimbo version! Level 6+ required!)
  • New busts: Your dad’s lawyer, Xotchi, Siegewulfs, Fenris Drones, Natalie, Tamwolf
  • The back-end for the pregnancy system upgrades for the nursery are in, which may lead to some new bugginess.
  • Probably some bug fixes and more!

Things to expect in the future: some tuning on lust damage I’ve put off for ages, more writing for Kiro’s sister’s bar (I might slot in the rooms sooner rather than later), and reviewing some pull requests with new items!

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