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[PUBLIC: TiTS] Roooooooo!

Roo taking care of the PC after an intense round of blackjack by Octomush!

Before I get too deep into it, I’d like to remind you all that CoC2 also had a public patch a few days ago.

Now what’s new in this patch? 0.7.273 Changelog, here we go:

  • [0.7.274 Fix] Roo now stands at 16 while the robot dealer stands at 17.
  • [0.7.274 Fix] Fixed a crash on Roo’s “Table Fuck” scene.
  • [0.7.274 Fix] Fixed an issue with blackjack that would prevent the dealer from hitting to their assigned value if doing so would cause them to win early.
  • New NPC in Zheng Shi’s Recreation Deck: Roo the blackjack dealer. This cute bunny-cat will reward your victories by progressively stripping down and eventually climaxing messily. This no easy feat on its own, but if you can do it repeatedly, she’ll even start offering you sex afterwards. Lady Luck be with you! (Thanks to William for writing her. Here’s hoping I didn’t mangle the coding too bad!)
  • New image pack images added: Roo table fuck and Roo under table lick.
  • You can no longer bet mid-game in blackjack, and the dealer stands at 17.
  • Assorted typo and bug fixes thanks to Jacques00.

What’s new this month?

  • Less joke text replacements during the April Fool’s event.
  • New SSTD on April Fool’s: Cooties. (Use the ’tistheseason’ cheat if you want to experience this now.)
  • New April Fool’s dream for those with Kase on the crew and a penis of their own.
  • New in-game story: Breeding Sylvie.
  • New Scenes: Threesomes with Anno&Amber, Jabbing Haley with Throbb, Sera Milkings, Hyper Kelly BJs, Aliss Frottage+Panties, Scoring Milodan tail with Syri, new Sellera interactions.
  • New NPC Encounter: Dane on Zheng Shi’s Recreation Deck.
  • New NPC Expansion: Luca (the VR parlor owner on Canadia Station).
  • New Locale: Cherry’s Tap-House is now available on the recreation deck with a variety of wall-bound women to play with.
  • New Pregnancy: Laquine, including the PC being pregnant or impregnating the Bored Jumpers.
  • New Busts: Cherry, Milodan Temptress (Shou variant), Ziresh, and Alvella.
  • Ula now properly assumes leadership of the tribe after the Battle for Korg’ii Hold.

What’s coming this month for backers? A new NPC in Zheng Shi and more Dane content in the short term with greater prizes beyond!

<3 you guys!

[Public | CoC2] Foolsiversary

You may not like it, but Selima is peak feminine perfection.

So it’s been about a year now since CoC2 came out! I gotta say: thank you guys so much for your support so far. Y’all make this ‘mander very happy — and to those of you who’re backing, an extra special thanks from those of us who you’re enabling to do this for a living. We love you guys. Have an off-schedule public patch to celebrate!

And you know who else loves you? Catgirl harems. And doggy-girls. And Garret, but he probably won’t say that to your face.

Edit: I made an oopsie in a parser use that was causing crashes. It’s been hotfixed now (you’ll need to redownload if you used that option).

0.1.15 Patch Notes:

  • There’s a new event in the Old Forest with a trio of not-quite-lupines. Found as a random encounter this week only! Beware: your anal virginity is in peril on this adventure!
  • Garrett has new Frost Hound talk scenes.
  • New busts: Cat Harem and the strange pups. Also a special Silly Mode version of the harem.
  • New Combat Flow: You can now toggle between Player, Manual, or Auto in the options menu or during combat. Lets you switch between just controlling the PC, the whole party, or nobody!
  • New Feature: Initiative Tracker. There’s a bar at the top of the combat window showing who goes in what order. May be helpful now that you can control the whole team.

New This Month:

  • Combat 2.0. See this post for details!
  • New Enemy: Centaur Marauders
  • New Enemy: Lupine Scouts
  • New Brint Content: Undertable Oral and All Night Oral
  • New Bust: Hirrud Grune

If you aren’t supporting us already, please consider doing so! It helps me whip more lewd cats out of DCL.

Progress Update: Borks & Bunnies

Hey folks, Savin here! Fenoxo’s at PAX (what a nerd, right?) so I’m gonna do a short TiTS progress update for you while he’s not able to push sweet, sweet patches for a few more days.

For myself, I’ve just finished off 3 new Kaede scenes (including a threesome with Ilaria, if you’ve fucked them both before) which you’ll be able to access via ExtraMeet. Since I’ve got time before Fen gets back, I’ll also be making her New Canadia Station scenes repeatable as part of the same expansion. Next week, I’ll be pushing out another threesome — this time between Lover!Shade and a certain pirate. Gotta make sure you work out any awkwardness you might have if you wanna stay close to the huntress and her kin!

Meanwhile, Wsan’s working on a deliciously amazonian huskar pirate for Zheng Shi, and Will’s topping off Roo the bunny-girl blackjack dealer. There’s also some new Ardia stuff getting into the pipe for her inevitable recruitment, now that all the slaves can be freed. If you like dickgirl switches, this is gonna be pretty choice content.

That’s all from me! Look forward to a CoC2 patch this weekend with some seasonal tomfoolery~


[Backers | CoC2] Combat Update 2

This patch is going to feature some pretty major changes!

So, first and foremost, there’s a Download Version available underneath the normal play link. Big thanks to Gedan for getting that all worked out for us. Love u bb. An Android APK version will be along eventually, but for right now this is a PC only DL.

Second, as the name of the patch suggests, this patch includes a major revision to the combat flow of the game. Specifically, there is an auto-battle feature that will put the PC on an AI routine just like your companions have always used. It’s not particularly smart but it definitely will let you mash Q to get through lower-level mobs. In addition, if you want a more fine-tuned control of the battle, you can optionally take control of your companions in combat as well. Yeah, you read that right. We initially took a hard stance against this, but a lot of you guys have been asking for it, and we found a way to implement it without making the game a slog for the rest of the playerbase (see automation above). There’s an option in the game menu that makes this the default combat system; otherwise you can opt-in at the start of every fight and between each turn if the autobattle is deciding to get you wiped out.

I hate going back on a “This is how it is” statement, but sometimes you gotta eat crow. I think the game will ultimately be much improved using this new system, but please give us your feedback! This update changes a lot of the combat flow and pacing, and also some UI/UX elements.

If you aren’t a backer and want to see what’s up, click here! 

Edit: Drake released a hotfix for bugs related to Berwyn and Arona. You’ll need to re-download if you’re using that version!

0.1.14 Patch Notes:

  • Combat Update 2.0 is implemented. God helps us.
  • You can now choose auto-battle or direct control of companions. There’s an option to make manual control default.
  • The combat button tray has been revamped. Your At-Will power is now on the main button row. All the “You Lose” buttons are now on the bottom.
  • New Enemy: Centaur Marauders (by Wsan).
  • New Enemy: Lupine Scouts (by Balak).
  • You can crawl under the Frost Hound tables to suck Brint off. Plus another regular sex scene focused on oral… (also by Wsan)
  • New bust: Hirrud Grune, who’s much more handsome than I envisioned.
  • There’s a PC Download version of this patch. Should be with all future patches as well.

What to Look Forward to Soon:

  • Level 4 and more combat/balance changes. Probably accompanying OrcQuest’s implementation or near to it.
  • Centaur waifus.
  • A farm full of puppysluts and cowgirls.

Don’t forget to check out TiTS’ Dane-fueled patch right under this one!

[Backers] 0.7.270 Repeatable Dane

No promises, but I’ll be trying to code together William’s sexy blackjack dealer, Roo, before I leave for PAX later in the week. In the meantime, enjoy all this stuff! More Dane will be coming next week. I have three other talk discussions planned as well as at least two other scenes where he fucks you pieces. Let me know what you think in the comments.

0.7.270 Changelog:

  • Dane can be encountered on the recreation deck of Zheng Shi. Head up the cargo elevator after taking out the LDC and Shock Hopper! Presently he’s rocking a small selection of talk topics and a rather involved oral scene with lots of variations for bimbos/snakebyte/deepthroat/normal folks. More will come!
  • The casino on the recreation deck is live with a basic blackjack game. Expect it to be refined and adjusted in the future, but for now feel free to abuse it and let me know what you think! (We officially have our own game with blackjack and hookers.)
  • Nonesuch’s “Sera Milkings” have been added to the game.
  • “Kelly Hyper BJ” by Wsan has been added to the game. Go suck sum bun!
  • New Aliss for dick-wielders by yours truly.
  • More fixes for laquine pregnancy.
  • Pregnant Jumper busts were added, though I think a glitch in code merging has them disabled for now, so I’ve included them with this post. <3
  • Various typo fixes and bug fixes.

[Backers | TiTS] Positively Pregnant With Content

In honor of all the bunny breeding, I thought I’d share this unused concept art I procured from Liliruru.

We’ve got a pretty nice collection of changes here, many courtesy of viewers like you!

…I watched too much PBS in my youth.

0.7.269 Changelog:

  • New Busts: Cherry, Milodan Temptress (Shou variant), Ziresh, and Alvella.
  • New “Battle for Korg’ii Hold” reward available from Ula if you didn’t flee from any fights.
  • New talk scenes with Cherry.
  • New wall slut available in Cherry’s Tap-Hall.
  • Lots of new parsers under the hood courtesy of balaknightfang.
  • Syri and you can go score some Milodan tail on Uveto, if Syri’s already hanging out there. (Written by Wsan, coded by Lighterfluid)
  • New Sellera interactions, courtesy of Night Trap and Lighterfluid.
  • Laquine pregnancy is in the game – in pretty much every possible facet. William’s tireless efforts along with DrunkZombie’s coding dedication mean that the Jumpers can knock you up – and you can knock them up. There’s a whole host of new content for with a ton of variations. This content alone comes with more tracking flags than most of the rest of that station.
    • Base gestation time is 6 months.
    • If you’re pregnant with a Bored Jumper’s kids (and 50 days into gestating), you can bump into your baby daddy for some non-hostile TLC. (Three new scenes.)
    • The nursery also has some unique events for your bunnykids as they age.

[Public | CoC2] Ripe for Harvest

Public patch time, now with a whole new area! Got a new quest in this patch (TWO if you haven’t played the backer builds!), and several new enemies!

We’ll be filling out the new area with several more combat encounters in the next couple patches, including some Corrupted Centaurs, Kasyrran cultists, a Moth-girl bandit, and some Lupine rangers.

0.1.13 Patch Notes:

  • The next area, Harvest Valley, is now accessible from Hawkethorne’s south gates. A couple more tiles have been added to the village, including said gate. Only the first half the new area is currently accessible.
  • A marefolk shaman (enemy encounter) has been added to Harvest Valley (By TheObserver).
  • Jen of the Marked Mercs is now found in the Foothills (By BubbleLord).
  • Garth now gives a quest to find his dumbass son Garret. By TheObserver. I’m a big fan of this quest and its events, especially the first “Conversation Battle” you can have with the antagonist. Taking Etheryn with you might shed some additional lore on the matter.
  • 2 new Kinu events (By TheObserver).
  • Sexy statue busts added, both in physical and dream form.

New since last patch…

  • Attribute and Class retraining options, given by Ivris, Garth, and Sanders.
  • Hirrud Grune the minotaur warrior now appears in Hawekthorne offering a quest. He’s totally a good dude you should help.
  • Smug manticore enemy in the Foothills. Also manticore TF.
  • Cait can be given Sweet-Cream infused Bovum Sherry. Make that cat milky… just not TOO much, or she might squirt~
  • New repeatable Leorah sex scenes.
  • Brint’s boyhole is now fuckable from Level 3+
  • Arona x Brint scene
  • Witch’s outfit can be found in the Old Forest. Unlocks new dreams.
  • New TFs: Bunnygirls and Sheepfolk
  • New Dream: Harpy King Harem, Witch’s Night Visit
  • New busts: Kinu, Kitsune Bandits, Goddess Statue, Harrick, Wyld Elf Troupe, Eryka Nude

If you want backer access in the future, remember you can get it here!

For those waiting for OrcQuest, it’s almost done. There’s just one more bad end and a couple more victory scenes left before she’s ready to go. All but the cultists in the above preview are already written and ready to go, and Gardeford’s started work on a whole village full of Marefolk!

[Backers | TiTS] Extended References

Absolutely no resemblance between this character and Tura, no sir.
Art by Alder.

Wanting to make my own contribution to Adjatha’s slut wall, I designed a totally unique fox-herm to slot into the wall whose name is not at all an anagram of an existing character from another game I’ve made. It’s all completely original and not at all an extended reference.


0.7.267 Changelog:

  • Tura the fox is now available in the slut wall of Cherry’s Tap-Hall (found in Zheng Shi’s recreation deck – available after dealing with the LDC & Shock Hopper inside the Sidewinder). She’s a hermaphrodite fox with options for whether you want to let her blow her load mid-fuck or not. Hit her with a huge cumshot for a surprise (assuming you didn’t buy a Puss Pass).
  • Numerous bug fixes have been provided by Jacques00, including a ton of small typo fixes and adjustments. Seriously, there’s a lot of typos that got axed.
  • Be sure to check out the latest CoC2 patch as well! It’s just one post down!

I’ll be gunning for another patch Wednesday, or failing that Thurs/Fri! Ciao!

[Backers | CoC2] Touch Pussy Tail

Bit of a light patch this week. Blame Devil May Cry 5 (it’s very good) and Drake doing a bunch of new documentation for the parser. 

0.1.12 Patch Notes:

  • A new enemy, a particularly smug manticore, can now be found in the Foothills (written by Skow).
  • The manticore also has a TF item she can drop. Please Note: There’s no scenes yet for using a pussy-tail. We’ll fix that soon.
  • New busts added: Kinu, the Kitsune bandits, and the Goddess Statue.

Remember you can get backer access here to play this patch! <3

[Backers | TiTS] Sluts for the Slut Wall!

On the back of this afternoon’s 3.5 hour stream and a bit of post-gym polish, I can proudly present a very early access version of the recreation deck’s first attraction: the Wall Sluts.

0.7.266 Changelog:

  • Cherry’s Tap-House is now available on the Recreation Deck. Presently Cherry’s options are limited, but she has three girls in the wall you can make use of for the time being. Hopefully in the future we’ll have options to put yourself in there, and maybe even some other genders.
  • Kimber’s busts shouldn’t be backward anymore.
  • A fix for a “null” in the appearance screen (hopefulyl).
  • Numerous fixes and tweaks for various subsystems courtesy of Jacques00.

I spent at least 90 minutes today dealing with organizing different things with different people, and tonight I’ll be doing a spot of reviewing for another Korgonne that’s been backlogged since we started the hold. Tomorrow I want to do a spot of writing and a whole lot of reviewing, but we’ll see how things shake out.


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