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Trials in Tainted Space: the Goblin Menace

Her ship might not look like much, but it’s got it where it counts: in the cockpit.

The goblins are coming in hot and heavy, this time in the form of a pussy-tail-packin’ gabilani pirate skirting around the edges of Tarkus and Myrellion space. This one is a fen-crafted special, so I tried to pack in some juicy variation into her four sex scenes to scratch at itches I feel a lot of newer content has left behind.

Jacques00 has been extremely busy making subtle improvements to the user interface. Leek banged out a load of submitted items. Lowercase-donkey decided to make Chameleon-silk function in-game instead of requiring you to use your imagination. And Gedan? She’s been fighting off at least one witch’s curse if the amount of failing machinery she’s had to deal with is any indication, but she still managed to make progress on the juggling of content for Phaedra’s storyquest dungeon. Me? I paid out about five grand for some additional writing in that aforementioned quest.

I hope the holiday season is going well for all you out there. I know it can be a heckuva stressful time for many, but we’re gonna get through it together.


0.9.084 Changelog:
  • [Hotfix #1] Several of the new content items accidentally had their status set to “IN DEVELOPMENT” and thus were not accessible. This has been addressed. I’ve had a few crashes brought to my attention that will likely catch additional hotfixes tonight or tomorrow.
  • [Backers] New pirate vessel encounter: the Gabilani Pirate Karnissa Pauug can be discovered around Tarkus and Myrellion for players level 4 and above! (Written & Coded by Fenoxo)
  • [Backers] New items: Hardlight Bracelets, Vintage Zaika Purse, Lazy Ball Bra, Powerboner, Protein Power, Phoenix Shine, Easyslip Stud Piercing, Edging Ring, Hardlight Cockring, Hardlight Hoop Piercing, Rainbow Hoops Piercing, Vibroring. (Coded by Leek)
  • [Backers] Chameleonsilk items can now have a color chosen via a new UI when inspected. (Lowercase-donkey)
  • Improved level up UI to allow for easy stat maxing. (Jacques00)
  • Food and drink menus in many establishments around the galaxy have had their menus standardized. (Jacques00)
  • Fixes for milk & cum bags. (Jacques00)
  • Fixes for a “Dumb4Cum”-related log event crash. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed Molli’s bust attempting to call a nude variant that does not exist. (Jacques00)
  • Added tooltips to Inventory/Shop/Trade/Drop buttons for clarity. (Jacques00)
  • Tweaked Syri’s game/betting events to be more consistent in attribute-testing for crew & bar Syri. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed a crash related to the Naughty Nurse costume in the Halloween events. (Jacques00)
  • Combat statuses should show how many turns are remaining on their tooltips. (Jacques00)
  • Flying status effects should have appropriate icons depending on how flight was attained. (Jacques00)
  • Cum bubbles and such should now respect their assigned target when used as combat items. (Jacques00)
  • Too many miscellaneous bug fixes to list! A lot of problems got stomped. (Gotta make room for the new ones!)

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[Backers | CoC2] Foxes and Goblins

A couple of new NPCs are joining the roster in the City of Moo and the Windy Peaks, bringing about 180 pages of relationship building, sex, and services between them!

0.6.29 Patch Notes:

  • New Goblin NPC: Rixx, a mage you can meet in the Khor’minos main street! She can train you in some new witchcraft as well as taking you to bed. (by LooMoo)
  • New Half-Vulperine NPC: Natalia, a priestess of Sorra you can meet in the Windy Peaks’ village! She not only provides Sorra’s blessing in bed, but can be given the gift of motherhood by a virile PC. (By Jstar)
  • New Busts: Natalia (by Moira)
  • Combat Adjustments, including:
    • Rogue’s Ring now checks only that your armor slot isn’t heavy, rather than for any heavy equipment
    • Weapon Buff now properly has its durations and values increased if you have the requisite perks
    • Hoplon Helmet gives 5 base threat and is now Heavy
    • Iron Greaves renamed to Bronze Greaves
    • Mind Snap base damage doubled
    • Baffle effect application fixed
  • Text fixes by Spotty and Zag!

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[Backers | CoC2] BriHaus Climax – The Weddings

And here we are at last, the blissful climax to the BriHaus saga, with the opportunity to wed your cow (or herd of cows).

Marriage for your favorite bull/cow is now in the game! You can now marry Brint, Brienne, or Brienne+Rina+Cassia all at once. This comes complete with a pickable ceremony (small, large, or the triple marriage for the latter) as well as the followup scenes. Support for marriage in the house content is already in, so you can look forward to seeing all the new variants for it.

Brihaus is now feature-complete! Well, except for the quest rewards. We’re still tuning them so you can look forward to that in the future (don’t worry, they’re rewarded retroactively). Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the content.

0.6.28 Patch Notes:

  • You can now marry Brint, all official like, with a whole ceremony and everything. (by Wsan)
  • You can also marry Brienne, with all the same bells and whistles. (by Wsan)
  • Alternatively, you can marry all of Brienne, Cassia, and Rina together, all at once as a package deal. (by Wsan)
  • Elthara has new sapphic content (by Gardeford)
  • Orlaith has a new scene with Eubicha, if the bondage pony’s been recruited (by Gardeford)
  • Sugo has a new ballsworshiping scene. Requires the time be between 8 and 9 AM (by LooMoo)
  • The Drider Queen has a new victory cuddle scene (by LooMoo)
  • New CGs: Brint Marriage, Brienne Marriage, Triple Marriage (all by Moira)
  • Assorted bugfixes by Spotty and Zag.

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[Public | CoC2] The Windy Peaks

Before playing this patch, PLEASE CHECK OUT THE NOTICE BELOW so you don’t lose your saves! It’s also reprinted at the bottom of this post, to double the chances of you reading it!!

That said, the game’s next explorable region, the Windy Peaks, is now accessible — and with it comes a slice of new encounters and characters. There’s a couple more vulperine NPCs coming pretty shortly, and one or two more encounters that’ll find their way onto the peaks in the future!

0.6.27 Patch Notes:

  • There’s a new explorable area, the Windy Peaks! It can be accessed via the Steps of Sorra (the same place you meet Calise for her 2nd quest) in Undermountain. The mountaintop is a harsh, windswept mistress, but she’s home to a tribe of furry foxfolk and a tribe of harpies, and perhaps a few other denizens yet to be met!
  • New Enemy Encounter: Vulperine Hunters. Take on a pack of furry foxes… in a fight, right? (By Tobs)
  • New Enemy Encounter: Manticore Trio. A manticore matriarch and her heirs are searching the mountainside for easy prey! (By Skow)
  • Tweaked Enemy Encounter: The Demon Cultists. If they’ve been shooed off from the Glacial Rift (by completing Gweyr’s questline), the demon cultists will make their return on the peaks! (By Tobs)
  • There’s a small village of Vulperine folk you can vibe in, similar to Vari’s little village. Its denizens will be expanded on shortly, but for now you can just talk to one of the village’s leaders, resupply, and take some much-needed rest there.
  • New exploration events. Not EVERYTHING on the mountain is going to try and hurt you, unlike down below!
  • New Bust: Manticore Girls (by Moira)

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Now, for the inconvenient news:

The Steam version of Corruption of Champions II has been broken for some users, and we’ve finally found a fix! This patch contains an update to Electron (the program that lets Steam and Desktop Download users run the game) that will resolve the issue.

The bad news is that with THIS patch the codebase update is likely going to cause ALL DOWNLOADED DESKTOP VERSIONS of Corruption of Champions II (NOT TITS) to lose their LOCAL save files (ie., those not saved to a .coc2 file). Saved-to-file saves will be unaffected!

STEAM users will lose their AUTOSAVES, but normal saves should be unaffected in the cloud.

BEFORE YOU OPEN THIS CoC2 PATCH, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND loading the previous version of the game and using the Save-to-File feature for any playthroughs you want to keep.

Browser and Mobile versions SHOULD be entirely unaffected, as they don’t use Electron. I’d still recommend a quick Save-to-File though. You never know!

My sincere apologies for the inconvenience. Keep your Champions safe and save-to-file!

[TiTS] Hardlight Nagas And Booty Bots

Now available in-game!

Temporary lower bodies made of hardlight seem to be the order of the day!

…and my buddy Anonymous Man (of “Cursed” fame) is still making games too! He’s been quietly building up his current project: the Guide to Being Assertive ( & SubscribeStar), and I really enjoyed what I had played of it a few months back. I’m gonna enjoy sinking my teeth into new stuff when I get time. Needless to say, I’m only mentioning it because I think it’s developing nicely.

0.9.079 Changelog:
  • Hotfix #1: Corrected crashes caused by incorrectly addressing the character’s inventory.
  • [Backer Content] A hardlight naga suit has been added to the same location where the hardlight taursuit can be found in the Tarkus wastes, after taking the taursuit. Coded by Fenoxo and written by Sil the Dragon Lover.
  • [Backer Content] Terrence the booty bot was added to Canadia Station over Vesperia. Coded by Leek and written by Yobo Dicky.
  • [Now Public] The “Misc Items” from a few weeks back are now accessible to all. (Cow Print Ball Bra, Thraggen Harness, Xenogen Slimesuit, etc.) Release post here.
  • [Now Public] The “Erika Caged” expansion is now publicly accessible. Release post here.
  • Rohezk’s lovely art was added to Kaska’s bad-end for those with the artpack enabled who are undergoing the vaginal or anal forks. (Coded by Fenoxo)
  • Improvements to Blackjack’s betting systems were added by Jacques00.
  • Rat’s Raiders’ grapple attacks were apparently broken, so lowercase donkey gave them a fixing up.
  • A few other small fixes.

[Backers | CoC2] Rina Breeding & Arona Milking

Another BriHaus patch coming at you this week, which leaves Rina ripe for breeding. We’ve also got the last bit of Orctober content that didn’t quite get merged in time, plus a new Livrea scene for getting treated like a heifer by the bard and her new strapon!

0.6.26 Patch Notes:

  • Rina can now get pregnant! She has several events leading up to the birth that you get by interacting with her while she’s pregnant, and the expected adjustments to all her existing scenes.
  • Arona (must be Dom, Lover, and Milky) has a new scene in her rotation where you get your hands and mouth all over her tits and cock.
  • Livrea’s got a new branching scene for using a strapon on you! (Written by Magenta!)
  • Updated Rindo’s Nakano/Hitoshi talks if she’s married them. (By Tobs)
  • Various fixes (Thanks Zag and Spotty)

If you like what we’re doing, consider supporting us on either Patreon or SubscribeStar! And come hang out on CoC2’s own Discord!

Wsan says the next bit of MooHaus content will be joining your cow in holy mootrimony.

[TiTS] Spookoween Commences!

Envenomed Lorelei (Adjatha)

Envenomed Lorelei (Adjatha)

Tired, hungry, grouchy, still don’t have my car back. Hammering away in the codemines and trying to get back up to speed- taking longer than I would have liked, but as it turns out moving house is never as simple as it should be!

Anyway – spooky content is a go!


  • PUBLIC: Lorelei Cosplay – Lorelai has a new suit and scenes to enjoy if you go visit her! (B & Leek)
  • PUBLIC: Demon Dream Expansion – The trick or treat dream demons have new content! (Doots & Leek)
  • BACKER: Treat the Tricks – Halloween event on New Texas that can be randomly encountered. (HatTrick3010 & Leek)
  • BACKER: Neil & Selene Halloween – A couple of extra scenes available for spookoween! (Magenta Needle & Fenoxo)
  • Some assorted fixes relating to the barcode, roxy preg bust, zilpack crashes, and a handful of other smaller tweaks may not have been appropriately merged into the backer release- these should be present and accounted for now.
  • Fixed the pregnancy handler for Flurry and made adjustments to block the system we use for handling impregnantion events from possibly erronously trying to apply to NPC on NPC orgasms. (DrunkZombie)
  • Fixed inconsistent menu generation between Frostwyrm and Flurry interactions. (Leek)
  • Fixed some events around the players ship being in a placeholder-triggering state dating to prior to ships having “real” interiors; events aboard the ship, as well as approaching, entering and leaving the ship should fire more appropriately. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed airtight flagged armors not approriately blocking various gas or fluid based attacks from having an effect on the wearer. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed some more balance issues around racial scoring including worg face types not counting towards worg scoring, avian subraces inheriting base score values improperly. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed the two maid uniforms not being different enough from each other to justify the price difference. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed the Gryvain Techie enemies shot not having appropriate implementation. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed issues with Nayna and Quaelle’s busts. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed a state cleanup hack that was attempting to handle some weird quest states around the Lab on Uveto not including ALL of the rooms relevant, functionally resetting the quest state to undone the moment you walked out and completed it. (DrunkZombie)
  • Fixed Kaska’s, Hellhound Syri’s busts not displaying properly. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a couple of typos. (lowercase_donkey)

[Backers | CoC2] Season’s Breedings for Cassia

Beef’s back on the menu with Cassia’s new pregnancy expansion. Plus, those who need a little more space to store your valuables can head over to Vitra’s place to take advantage of her mostly-empty back room for more storage (and maybe take advantage of her cute lizard feet while you’re at it).

0.6.25 Patch Notes

  • Cassia pregnancy is here! You can finally make the moo-mom a mother twice (and more) over. She has multiple events throughout the 9-month repeatable pregnancy culminating in birth, and her scenes are adapted for being pregnant. Some of her conversations change (this is also the case for the later-coming marriage), and she has a new talk option. (By Wsan)
  • There’s a new CG for a lil’ bovine poofball saying hello, accessed by visiting Cassia a few times after she’s given birth.
  • There’s a new option to restore the Wayfort’s original lupine statue, rather than replacing it. (by Zavos)
  • Vitra offers a bunch of new Storage slots (for free!) once you get to Khor’minos.
  • Vitra has a new oily footjob scene for bedicked PCs.
  • Desktop download versions of the game are now running on a much, much newer version of Electron. Steam versions are also running on a newer version of the Steam SDK. This should mean better performance and stability, and should fix issues with loading from file.
  • A whole crapload of fixes, courtesy of Zag and Spotty.

If you like what we’re doing, consider supporting us on either Patreon or SubscribeStar! And come hang out on CoC2’s own Discord!

Trials in Tainted Space *77

Coming soon(tm) to Phaedra…

We had a big wait for this one, but there’s a nice 150 or so pages of new content written by B in this patch to help make up for it. I won’t lie to ya’ll, I’ve been trying to write some stuff to get a new ship encounter and getting to the sex scenes was like a brick wall for my brain. I’m gonna keep slamming my forehead into it though. I know I still got some more smuts in me – the Fenbrain hasn’t been wrung dry… yet. (But first I’m gonna code a bit!)

There will be at least one more patch before Halloween with some more themed goodies for you all to enjoy – so keep your eyes peeled.

0.9.077 Hotfixed (two deployed):

  • Fixed combat getting stuck with a “Next” prompt.
  • The werewolf costume should be properly enabled on Poe A. (By Doots)
  • Added an option to hunt for space encounters. (This was a scrap of code on my laptop from last week, so ymmv.)
  • Fixed a Mia softlock for no genital PCs. (lowercase-donkey)
  • Changed how game over scenes move the PC to an empty room (for the map.) (lowercase-donkey)
  • Several masturbation scenes had changes made relating to how they signal back to the masturbation menu systems, as well as some tweaks to the system itself. If forced fap/suck/milk scenes are bugging out or no longer occurring, PLEASE scream about it. We all scream for October-ween. (lowercase-donkey)
  • Several Phaedra II bust files have been slotted into the game. (lowercase-donkey)
  • Fixed a bunch of other small bugs tooooooo~ (lowercase-donkey)

0.9.077 Changelog:

  • [Backers] Flurry (written by B, coded by Leek) is now available on Uveto. To get the ball rolling, you’ll need at least 3 kips with “Frosty” or whatever you have personally named her. You should get an email when taking the Uveto space elevator if conditions are right…
  • [Backers] Werewolf Costume (written by Doots, coded by Leek). It’s a new costume for Poe A, everybody’s favorite Halloween-themed transformative rave event!
  • [Public] The Hydra “Firehose” mini-expansion is now available for everyone. It adds a new attack scene for bimbos & similarly semen-addicted characters. She also got a new victory scene for players carrying some White Suma Cream to enjoy “firehose” mode.
  • [Public] Everyone can now wait for Anyxine’s kiss during her date, instead of just our lovely supporters!
  • Fixed a crash after exiting a Sera sex scene. (Jacques00)
  • Improvements to clean up invalid gamestate issues. (Gedan)
  • Fixed sidebar visual inconsistencies. (Jacques00)
  • The character mannequin can now refresh and render during combat to reflect mid-combat TFs and appearance changes. (Jacques00)
  • Spooky loading screen color for October added. (Jacques00)
  • Several adjustments were made to item stats to bring them to their intended values or otherwise improve them: SteeleTech Laser Sentry, Business Clothes, Shibari Bottoms, Shibari Top, Behemoth Scale, XIMK5 Second Skin, Cryo Fang, Ice Lance, Volcano Cannon, Acid Lash, Blaze Whip, Frozen Spire, Shock Gear, Zil Spear, Dumbfuck (new icon), and Arctic Warfare Belt. (Jacques00)
  • Replaced a bust image for Tika that was accidentally low resolution. (Jacques00)
  • Corrected several incorrect dimensions for images in the bust manifest that could lead to some looking slightly stretched. (lowercase-donkey)
  • Removed a coder note in a Feruze scene. (lowercase-donkey)
  • Fixed an incorrect combat pronoun. (lowercase-donkey)
  • Restrict Shekka’s feather unlock to only occur if she is a crew member. (lowercase-donkey)
  • Corrected the item tags on Cow Print Stockings to properly expose places. (lowercase-donkey)
  • Fixed a crash in the hardlight taursuit. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed a check in the Amber Cure event being reversed. (lowercase-donkey)
  • Fixed Nykke crashing you when you moved rooms during one of her events. (lowercase-donkey)
  • Restored cover notices for the robot you fight during the Fungal Queen miniquest on Myrellion. (lowercase-donkey)

[Public | CoC2] Happy Orctober!

Celebrating the spookiest month of the year with some very wet content for the green brigade. Arona ain’t afraid of no ghosts! At least, not with you around.

And, of course, there’s some more BriHaus content here as well!

0.6.24 Patch Notes:

  • Sub!Arona has a new threesome with Uncaged!Etheryn.
  • Arona’s scene in the Khor’minos Bathhouse is now repeatable if you are Lovers.
  • You can now take Arona and Etheryn to the baths together if they are both your Lovers. Includes three new threesomes with the girls therein.
  • Grettel has a new victory sex scene for pussy-having PCs. (by Skow)
  • Infrith has a new anal doggystyle scene for bedicked PCs. (by Gardeford)
  • Rina’s quickies have been added to the Moohaus. (by Wsan)
  • The Milking Shed has been added to the Moohaus, with scenes for the PC milking Rina, Cassia, and Brienne, “milking” Brint, and the PC getting milked. (by Wsan)
  • You can now cook a meal for the moos at the haus. (by Wsan)
  • The Milking Machine’s [Make Milky] option now becomes [Make Milkier] if already lactating, and it increases your MilkStorageMultiplier. Bovum Sherry’s MilkStorageMultiplier has also increased.
  • Rina’s Colosseum training cooldown is now just 1 week, rather than 2.

New Since Last Public Patch:

  • Rina’s now repeatable in the Moohaus, with a bunch of new sex scenes and a new training arc.
  • Gytha’s in-dungeon content for her non-demon version is in, with new talk and sex scenes.
  • A new version of Gytha’s Frostwood combat encounter is in post-dungeoning.
  • Etheryn has a new Warrior Queen set, unlocked after finishing LumiaQuest and DraciaQuest.
  • New Busts: Updated Rina, Warrior Queen Etheryn

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