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[Backers] Sub-Tuna Expansion

Seems a little fishy to me…

0.7.96 Changelog:

  • Accupitch Lab & the SubTuner have received a rework including some new options involving a psychic tentacle creature and the ability to go out and meet some familiar faces while wearing the SubTuner. Writing by HugsAlright.
  • (Sekrit Hotfix added to 0.7.95) Prai Ellit has been added to the game. You can run into him in the woods of Mhenga!
  • Void Plate had its long name changed to be a bit less of a wall of text when stripping it off.
  • Syri’s bust now has her trademark coat.
  • Fenoxo’s D&D game got 1% closer to being campaign ready. (Haha yeah right)

Prai drawn by Shou!

[Public] Tainted Space 0.7.95 – Many Changes! Handle It!

0.7.95 Changelog:

  • Slutshroom harvesting and usage is live. Slutshrooms have also been added as a rare-ish drop chance for all enemies on Tarkus (presently ~15% drop chance). Includes approximately 3,000 words of sluttifying, moistening fun.
  • That’s it for now. Looks like Jacques00 hasn’t done any bug fixes or anything since my last stealth post.

Changes Since Last Public Release:

  • New Busts: Pregnant Rask, Syri
  • New NPC: Ciaran
  • New Scene: Milking Cameron
  • New Quest: Azra’s Tarkus Expedition! Includes two possible fights, a number of unique sex scenes, one new item (at present – should be three total eventually), and the ability to develop your relation with her to a more intimate stage (with five new sex scenes to support it)!
  • Updated a system for choosing a penis for a scene to better display why certain choices are unsuitable. Also updated it to allow for minimum requirements in the future.
  • Riya can now impregnate player characters.
  • Player characters can now impregnate submissive Sera.
  • Some fixes and tweaks to Sera’s content.
  • Nearly all items have been reworked to follow a point-buy system. Accessories are the only ones still remaining. Balance may be a bit wonky as things get easier or harder. Be sure to let me know if certain fights have swung too far in one direction or the other!
  • Blind miss checks have been consolidated down into one function.
  • A new item flag has been added that allows a weapon to ignore the effects of blind. Primarily intended for flamethrower-type weapons.
  • Laser weapons have received a slight buff to accuracy to account for their essentially instantaneous velocity (and the fact that mirrored armor completely invalidates them).
  • Melee weapons have been rebalanced and retuned using the new attribute weighting system.
  • Mirrored armors are now more vulnerable to bullets.
  • Two new shields added as rare drops from Sexbots and Beta Nyrea.
  • Uveto now has a weather system and Savicite drops.

Gardeford’s Gwen as drawn by Cutesexyrobutts

[Backers] Small Azra Update

0.7.93 Changelog:

  • Azra has a new scene. If noone is sharing your bunk and you haven’t visited Azra in a week, she’ll crash your bed, spend the night, and bang you in the morning. Only for dick-toting PCs. Includes yet-unseen variants for once she okays condomless stuff (Date: TBD).
  • Those with a professional Azra should be able to get her to do the Tarkus expedition. That was a weird bug!
  • Added the option to go back into the shower with her after the first time.
  • The pregnant rask bust has been activated in game, along with Adjatha’s busts of Syri (pictured at right).

[Backers] Azraquest Sortof Complete

0.7.92 Changelog:

  • All three stages of Azra’s Tarkus expedition should be done and good to go, including some lovely trapstuff I got Nonesuch to write. Word is, he’s going to do some more. I can’t wait!
  • There’s some spicy stuff for boys and girls on the return to the ship as a bit of a reward. I also gave plenty of chances to nope out, if Azra isn’t your thing.
  • Upgraded the phallus selection router I introduced with Gastigoth to be more versatile. It is used for the repeatable “Hyper Docking” scene follower Azra can unlock. It should now report on ineligible members as well as why they are ineligible (presently restricted to “too large” and “too small”).
  • Replaced “thicc” with “thick”. In silly mode, “thicc” has been replaced with “THICC,” for maximum EXTRA THICC.
  • Various fixes and tweaks, many related to Sera and courtesy of Jacques00.

As mentioned previously, there’s still a lot of work to do! I’ll try not to repeat my last post too much:

  • I need a first time scene for folks too hyperphallic to fit inside.
  • Repeat variants of first time male and female scenes.
  • Coding slutshrooms, writing motherhusks, and writing spunkshrooms.
  • Azra bunk-crashing penis-wielders.
  • Tweaks and adjustments to all her existing talk scenes for the new relationship status.

At right: the result of wayyy too many motherhusks and a raskvel, drawn by Adjatha.


[Backers] AzraQuest-Test, Part 1 of 3

After getting the double-goo encounter completed, I thought I would go ahead and combine it with a placeholder reset ending so that you guys can go ahead and test it while I move on to coding the next part. Let me know what you think in the comments, and if you find bugs, please, by all means report them!

0.7.91 Changelog:

  • Riya can now impregnate PCs, thanks to Jacques00 jumping on it and coding it.
  • Various bug fixes and tweaks.
  • Azra’s Tarkus expedition has been unlocked, though only the first part – an encounter with a giant, two-headed gray goo! Includes new loss scene, bimbo negotiation scene, and feeding via penis scene. Hint: electricity and cold do wayyy more damage. Also the right side’s physical attacks have less negative statuses than the left, so I’d recommend her for burning down physically.

[Backers] Treated DILFs and Cameron-Milk

0.7.90 Changelog:

  • Ciaran has been added to the game, courtesy of UpcastDrake doing some volunteer coding and Night Trap writing the big lug.
  • A milking scene for Cameron has been snuck in, again courtesy of UpcastDrake for doing the coding (and Savin for writing, ofc).
  • Some small fixes to bugged content have been thrown in.
  • Fenoxo’s cat has had the “penetrating” damageflag applied to his melee weapons. 🙁 Somebody nerf this monster!

I’m going off to write a bit of Azraquest! 1,500 words of setup for a Sydian matriarch and her trappy raskvel pets has been written. I’m going to commission some stuff with them from Nonesuch, then work on the reward lewds myself tomorrow. Ciao!

Art of Ciaran by FubMistress, I believe.

[Backers] Shields and Prices!

0.7.89 Changelog:

  • Shields have had their statistics refactored. Almost all of them confer moderate kinetic resistance and 50% damage vulnerability to electrical attacks. Many high level shields have gained increased shield points.
  • A new formula for item costs has been developed and deployed. Low level items got cheaper across the board, something newbies are sure to appreciate. Some high level items have gotten more expensive, and level 20 equipment will cost tens of millions of credits apiece. Underwear and accessories have not been updated.
  • Thermal underwear got nerfed.
  • Two new shields have been added to the game as rare drops from Sexbots on Tarkus and Beta Nyrea, to provide more shield options for the middle levels.
  • Added an inch to Fenoxo’s horse-cock.

I’ve got to give accessories a pass, then begin to deal with how the new item systems have affected fight difficulty. Apologies for any issues this has caused!

Lovely goo-guy by Carae on the forums!

[Backers] Never-ending Rebalance

After putting together a system for armor stats, I’ve taken the time to run through every armor-slot item in the game and give it a once-over. Lots of skimpy items got bonus evasion. Some things got nerfed. Some things got buffed. One quirk of the new stat allocation system for armors gives rare/very rare items bonus % reduction to damage types – so “common” store-bought items are forced to determine if they want elemental resistances or typical attributes.

If an item seems unusually strong or out of place, please let me know. There’s always a chance I might have given a Tavros Station item Uveto stats or vice-versa.

0.7.88 Changelog:

  • Armors have had their attributes re-balanced according to my sweet, sweet spreadsheets.
  • Crystal armor now takes 125% damage from explosive-tagged attacks instead of 140%.
  • Mirrored armor now takes addition damage from bullets, though the resistance bonus from being “plated” or “ablative” likely cancels most of it out.
  • Fenoxo became even more handsome.

Once I get through accessories and shields, look forward to our regularly scheduled programs. Sylvie the Moosetaur sketch courtesy of JayEcho (and Elenia, who clearly won some kind of sketch raffle.)

[Backers] Melee Stat Re-Allocation

0.7.87 Changelog:

  • Blind miss checks have been consolidated down into one function.
  • A new item flag has been added that allows a weapon to ignore the effects of blind. Primarily intended for flamethrower-type weapons.
  • Laser weapons have received a slight buff to accuracy to account for their essentially instantiations velocity (and the fact that mirrored armor completely invalidates them).
  • Melee weapons have been rebalanced and retuned using the new attribute weighting system.
  • Various fixes and tweaks.

Lovely goo-grill by Carae on the forums!

What’s Pup?

Hey guys, I finished up the pregnant raskvel from Azra’s tarkus mission the other night (Adj started her bust today!), but after seeing some writers disappointed about their backlogged work not being reviewed, I took a crack at parsing through a bunch of them – one that was given to me as a pre-coded pull request included. I also sorted three three or four others, including one that’s more of a weapon re-balancing attempt than anything else.

I like that last one, but I’m going to spend some time putting my own spin on it. The spreadsheet is a great start, and some of the new items suggested seem pretty cool. If I can do that tomorrow afternoon, I’ll try to push it out for backers to play with.

I’d prefer to finish up Azra’s quest and work through these submissions at a more measured pace. Apparently that’s easier said than done for me. I tend to blow all my time doing one thing. Splitting things up sensibly is easier said than done.

Erra and Syri by Limonsitolewd

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