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[Backers] 0.7.39

The endless charge of Alright Hugs continues! Seriously, I’m not sure how many more things in my message backlog are from him, but goddamn, dude.

0.7.39 Changelog:

  • New encounter on Uveto Station – the Sub-Tuner. It’s a collar you can find laying out that leads to some petplay stuff.
  • Two new masturbation options for those with phallus-tails.
  • “Anti-Grav Jock” added to the game. No, it isn’t a football player in anti-gravity boots.
  • Tweaks to the hip descript and buttdescript parser. I’m not sure how it happened, but I ran across “You have curvy quarters that make you go with a sexy, swinging gait” in the appearance screen and nearly died. Needless to say, calling hips “quarters” is gone, and “go” shouldn’t show up there any longer.
  • Follower Anno can now sell a weapon that does cold damage after the PC hits level 5.
  • Two of the Offbeatr custom PC names have been added to the game.
  • Various fixes and sundry tweaks.

Futa variant of Erra commissioned from DCL to annoy HugsAlright >:3

[Backers] 0.7.37 – Infinite Ausar

Someday I can chew through this submission backlog and write through stuff myself. Unfortunately, a new Overwatch patch just popped out, so I need to binge a few hours before I go back to pushing through the pile. Don’t worry – I’m gonna get plenty done tonight.

0.7.37 Changelog:

  • Two new Syri scenes by HugsAlright (one in the friendly after-shower, one as a choice when you win her betting game).
  • Two new Syri busts from CheshireCatSmile37, commissioned by HugsAlright.
  • The Bucking Bronco in the Bucking Bronco saloon should be added.
  • Many fixes and tweaks.

Furry Weekend Atlanta

Here’s a map of the dealers’ den. Wheeeee! (I’m probably gonna post this more next weeeek!)

We’re going to be at Furry Weekend Atlanta selling some sweet branded flash drives this weekend (6th-9th). Also maybe stickers and buttons? We’ll also be running a panel on adult game development for anyone who is interested. Pictured at left is one of the sweet banners we’ll have at our table. (Jacques00 is a helluva artist.)

[Backers] Tainted Space 0.7.36

This might be the last update for a bit! We’re going to be at Furry Weekend Atlanta this weekend, and I MUST MAKE READY!

0.7.36 Changelog:

  • The “Bucking Bronco” has been added to New Texas, penned by Night Trap and Highs Alright.
  • New characters: James and Sally.
  • Many fixes and tweaks.

Concept of MOAR PIRATES commed from JayEcho by Geddy. I wonder what they’ll do?

[Backers] Another Ausar Overload

Blame HugsAlright for this one. Savin has inspired the sort of rabid fever for dog-people that not even a furry can approach. Speaking of fevers, I’m going to be sorting through these submissions when able, but I’m not sure if I’ll have another that I can bang out this quick and easy before we go to Furry Weekend Atlanta (details in link). There is quite a backlog to sort through, and whenever I get back into writing, I intend to slide into knocking out a Custom Follower someone ordered from back during the Offbeatr.

0.7.35 Changelog:

  • Liamme the ausar trap has been added to the Tavros Residential Deck between noon and 4 AM.
  • New bust: Liamme
  • Pickmentation can now give you facial freckles (do not show through fur).

Pregnant Erra drawn by DCLZexon.


0.7.34 Changelog:

  • New Busts: Goo Knight win variants
  • New Item: Pickmentation (allows selecting skin color). It’s quite expensive, as one would expect.
  • “Vava Groom” (new encounter on Uveto) implementation.
  • New shower option.
  • More Foxfire colors.
  • Some tweaks for the “exhibition gains/losses over time” subsystem.
  • Adjustments to level up notices.
  • “More Vending Machines.”

New Since Last Public Release:

  • New Quest: Plantation Quest on Mhen’ga. (Be relatively high level, do all the talk topics, then wait a day or two for an email.) Includes something like 5 new fights, two new items, and a potential pile of money.
  • New Busts: Kane, Quinn, Mabbs, Estraffe, Sylvie, Nessa, Dr. Lessau, Carver, Psychic Egg, Kat, Kaede, and Pippa.
  • New Items: Laquine Ears, Sweat Treat, Muffstick, FizzyFix, Strawberry Shortcake, Holstaria, Lupinoland, and Lemon Loftcake
  • New character on Canadia Station: Mabbs. She’s a drug-dealing rodenian. She’s also immune to Cap’n Steele’s wiles.
  • Rodenian Codex entry added.
  • New Beth’s expansion for working there.
  • Two new NPCs on Uveto.
  • Bubble Buddy Bubbles can now be drank for certain PCs.
  • Various fixes and tweaks.
  • Jacques00 did most of the work to be honest…

Next project: Reviewing & Possibly coding Liamme. Could be in tonight (for backers) if all goes well.

Flahne fanart by DastardlyDevil.

[BACKERS] April Bleh

Sorry guys, but I don’t have any april fools pranks for you this year. I do have a new build with some new content and one tidbit of exciting news: we’re planning on hiring Jacques00 to join the team in the near future. Nothing is totally final yet, and there’s going to be a bit of time before we can get the paperwork all lined up, but yay, we’re growing.

0.7.33 Changelog:

  • New Busts: Kane, Quinn
  • New Items: Muffstick, FizzyFix
  • Rodenian Codex entry added.
  • Two new NPCs on Uveto.
  • Various fixes and tweaks.
  • Jacques00 did most of the work to be honest…

Quinn by Adjatha!

Plugging a Friend & [Backers] 0.7.32!

Because what are friends for, if not plugging?

No, but seriously a long time friend of mine is working on a game to release on Steam, and I told him I’d use my phenomenal perverted powers to hook him up with some free advertisement. The game is called Attack on Kitten and you can find it on KickStarter. They’ve already punched their way through the Steam Greenlight process!

Okay, toggling shill-mode off and disappearing back into Tax & Accounting work. Yay, business!

I am lord business, and I did some more TiTS work! Nobody seems to have given me any bugs with the plantation, so I am left to assume that I am perfect in every way.

0.7.32 Changelog:

  • New character on Canadia Station: Mabbs. She’s a drug-dealing rodenian (CODEX PENDING). She’s also immune to Cap’n Steele’s wiles.
  • New bust: Mabbs.
  • Plantation Quest update: Burt and Flahne have a small bit of text if you get the best end to the plantation quest.
  • More vending machines on Myrellion, including new vending machines with two new items: Strawberry Shortcake and Lemon Loftcake (written by Couch, coded by Jacques00).
  • Various fixes and tweaks.

[Backers] Overdue Plantation Quest

It’s super late, and I’m super tired, so this post will probably be brief. 3,500+ lines of mainline content + five fights later, Fen is ded. There’s some more stuff for epilogues in Esbeth to do, but I wanted to go to bed. TOMORROW.

First up, a few words of caution:

  • This has not received extensive testing. There is a mechanism where the player’s equipment is pulled out of his/her inventory and swapped for other items. If something in it breaks, it could result in weapon/armor loss.
  • It’s supposed to be balanced for level 6-7 characters. My test character, however, is a level 8 with all maxed stats. It’s likely unbalanced.
  • It might be possible that quest progress could get borked or improperly marked. I tested as many potential routes through this as possible, but I feel like it could be a problem. Please back up your save before testing.
  • I’ll try and round up most bugs for a patch in the next 24 hours or so.

0.7.31 Changelog:

  • New quest: the plantation on Mhen’ga needs help dealing with an escaped worker – and a troublesome Zil tribe. Written by Nonesuch.
  • New enemies: Kane, Zil Hornet, Zil Hoverfly, RK Lah, and special guest: Naleen Mating Ball.
  • New items: Zil Spear and Zil Bow.
  • New busts: Estraffe, Sylvie, Nessa, Dr. Lessau
  • New Items: Holstaria and Lupinol, by Couch
  • Bubble Buddy bubbles can be drank from by appropriate PCs.

[Backers] Laquine Ears Early Preview & MORE!

0.7.29 Changelog:

  • Jade sells an early, unfinished, discounted version of Laquine Ears, a horse-bunny transformation item. Lots of cool stuff in it that isn’t quite polished up to snuff yet, but enjoy it.
  • Heat & Rut status effects have been added in an unpolished state.
  • New Item: Sweet Treat
  • Key Item filtering is in.
  • An expansion for Traps working in Beth’s is in, written by Nonesuch!
  • New Busts: Beth Carver, Psychic Egg, Kat, Kaede, Pippa.
  • Many fixes and other such miscellany.

I’m not sure if Kat or Carver are visible in game at the moment, but you can see the lovely Kat at right. Adjatha does good work.

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