New weekend, new patch!

This chunky lil guy comes with a lot of changes resulting from climbing around the inside of the codebase like a monkey on a jungle gym. My personal high points were massively improving deep freeze procs, discovering 20+ misconfigured damage flags on various encounters and items throughout the game, dumping a fat sack of new Adjatha art in, and getting to add a lovely bit of lore to the description for one of the new staff items I added.

I’d like to extend a fond “Thank You” to everyone who posted feedback in the Kineticist feedback thread to help me file down the biggest rough spots.

Hotfix #1:

  • Fixed staves crashing for kineticists when swung. This one was due to me incorrectly trying to add damage to “kinetic” instead of “kinetic.damageValue” because apparently any time I touch damage values, there’s a 50% chance I mess it up the first time. (It’s me, Fen!)
  • Fix PsiNoiseGenerator not being collectible because the collection function wasn’t properly committed. It was in a file I had a half-written, WIP scene in that masked it when I was doing the commit, causing me to miss pushing that essential bit of code. (Goddamnit, Fen!)
  • Fixed tripped enemies targeting themselves while tripped. The combatAI function got some dyslexic arguments slipped into it.

Changelog 0.9.068:

  • [BACKER] Additional slavesuit anal scenes (Will & Leek)

  • [PUBLIC] Femmitch (Wifely & lowercase_donkey)

  • New bust by Jacques00: Slamwulfe.

  • New busts by Adjatha:  Eloise, Neil, Selene, Warboy’s Bike and the Warboy.

  • New common items: Staves! You can pick up a Quarterstaff at Carl’s on Mhen’ga, a “Steelestaff” from Anno on Tarkus (or in your hold if you’ve recruited the alabaster assistant), or a Shieldwall Staff from Emmy on Myrellion. They’re all tagged as psionically attuned – which will grant kineticists a little extra kinetic damage when striking with them. I’m not done yet either – expect more staves and some rare ones to slip in soon. -Fenoxo

  • New rare item: Psinoise Generator. This rare accessory can be found in Zheng Shi’s mines by kineticists. When equipped, it should increased energy recovery by 25%. This was actually in the last patch but unobtainable due to non-final, buggy coding. (Fenoxo)
  • Adjusted the dom siegewulfe collaring lead-up scenes to give hints as to the requirements required for the scene happen and added further details about them to the quest log. (Jacques00)

  • Adjusted isHuman tests to better incorporate the reworked racial scoring system and its primary/secondary scoring to determine humanity-factor. (Jacques00)

  • Adjusted Deep Freeze shatters to trigger with non-melee tagged crushing attacks. (Fenoxo)

  • Adjusted Terran Treats so that certain bodypart flags can be cleared even if you already have the human type-version of a bodypart those flags apply to. (lowercase_donkey)

  • Adjusted changeEnergy() to more accurately display energy change. (Fenoxo)

  • Fixed a crash with the Forgehound’s combat interception. (Gedan)

  • Fixed a few more potential operation errors with the data menu after loading a save on a slower/touch device. (Gedan)

  • Fixed a few potential pathways where some menu buttons might leak over into the game menu. (Gedan)

  • Fixed combat not being properly completed after the Hyrax Raider BDP scene. (Jacques00)

  • Fixed some missing instances of fluid-ingestion and taint in scenes that mention these things are happening. (Jacques00)

  • Fixed instances of Damage Flags not being properly configured on some combat enemies, or more accurately, not being properly configured on their equipment damage values. (Fenoxo)

  • Fixed the new Tripped/Get Up mechanics to apply to hostile NPCs as well as friendlies. (Fenoxo)

  • Fixed a handful of abilities requesting target selection even though they don’t actually require a target. (Fenoxo)

  • Fixed the Siegewolfe renaming button option from its quick little holiday out of the reworked siegewulfe menu. (lowercase_donkey)

  • Fixed the reversed value reporting from some feminization changes. (lowercase_donkey)

  • Fixed some typos in Gianna bust names, effectively disabling them from being used. (lowercase_donkey)

  • Fixed some issues with parser tags and support functions used by frostwyrm content. (lowercase_donkey)

  • Fixed some issues in Overqueen content relating to how it was attempting to use changeEnergy() previous. (Leek)

  • Fixed typos. (Jacques00, lowercase_donkey, Fenoxo)