Brushin’ some bugs out of the last patch’s many, many fluffy tails. Little earlier than we initially intended, so not much in the way of content.

0.2.31 Patch Notes:

  • New Event: Brint & Brienne Christmas (by Wsan)
  • Whenever you bad end, you are now presented with an option to retry from the last point where you had movement control.
  • Evergreen can no longer get your butt pregnant (oops).
  • Several soft-locking issues were resolved in the Kitsune Den.
  • Various balance tweaks to new dungeon and powers.
  • New Busts: Holiday Brint/Brienne, Hatsumomo

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The internet’s becoming a dramatically less friendly place for adult content, especially over the last week, so we’ve decided to spread our roots a little. We’re even thinking about a Steam release, god help us all.