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[Backers | TiTS] A Centaur Suit?

Helia’s VR twin is looking fine! I would’ve put a picture of the hentai that inspired the taursuit, but somebody in streamchat demanded this.

Today’s patch includes one of the first enemies developed for Kiro’s quest… who got forgotten in the shuffle of all the other stuff I had to do. Enjoy!

0.8.037 Changelog:

  • For those who rescue Kiro AFTER 48 hours, the ship obtaining options have been improved by DrunkZombie.

0.8.036 Changelog:

  • New Busts: VR Adventure Sprite, VR Adventure Salamander, and Kiona.
  • New encounter: a taursuit! This hollow centaur suit will try to show you how good it can be to be a hermaphrodite centaur. Don’t let it! Or do, your choice really. Includes a voluntary transformation scene, a bad end, and a loss-transformation WITHOUT the bad end if you can make a willpower check. (Being tainted makes it harder.)
  • The “generic fuckdolls” now drop items at less grindy intervals. You only need to defeat 10 to collect the VR holotape.
  • There was a largish patch yesterday as well. Be sure to check out its changelog too! (Or CoC2’s patch from yesterday!)

[Backers | TiTS] Sharpening the Blade

She’s a little heavy on the back-end, but in this community, that’s a good thing. By R4Draws.

0.8.035 Changelog:

  • Literally nothing. I was concerned the build server was stuck.

0.8.034 Changelog:

  • Female Zil no longer have a blinding attack. It was dubbed a bit too hardcore for level 1s by Savin, and I agreed.
  • The “Buttslutinator” and “Orgasmender” are now accessible in your ship when bought from Doctor Po.
  • Kiro no longer appears in bars while she is abducted.
  • It is no longer possible to encounter a generic fuckdoll after a boss encounter in Kiro Quest with no break.
  • Kiro’s Quest no longer starts unless the PC is level 9.
  • The Clydesdale K7 had the following adjustments to its stats: Thrust:+35, Agility: -5, Sensors: +15, Module Capacity: +2.
  • The imagepack has a new image for Kiro’s transformation. It isn’t a perfect match, but should be close enough.
  • The Sidewinder has a bust, courtesy of R4.
  • Kiro’s ship, the Blade, has a bust, sourced from an ancient piece of fanart by Deimacos. Big thanks for breathing life into our silly ideas!
  • Looting Kiro’s ship now actually swaps your ship for hers. Note that non-broken Kiro will likely have a path to obtain her ship for credits once she is recruited.
  • Kiro’s transformations now increase her vaginal capacity, anal capacity, refractory rate (balls swell 50% faster after a certain point), and gives her a minimum cum volume of 2000, just in case you somehow drained her dry. Doctor Po is thorough!

[Backers | TiTS] Coming Back For Seconds

Today’s patch is mostly odds and ends. I’m going to be doing a little bit of writing for the Kiro Quest end boss (she’s missing her intro and dialogues), then working on coding her next.

0.8.032 Changelog:

  • New system: DECORATIONS! You can now put decorations up on your ship. One of your equipped decorations will randomly display alongside your ship’s interior at the main ship menu.
  • Decorations can be unequipped by going to the Items->Unequip->Decorations menu.
  • Two decorations can now be pilfered from Kiro Quest – the holoposters that can be found in the hallways! When used with the image pack, the associated images will display with the decoration.
  • The 20th sexdoll in Kiro Quest you defeat will now drop a VR program that simulates the fight, usable at Mindwash Visors and Luca’s VR Parlor to relive the fight (without any of the transformations… well, mostly. There’s still some taint…). Did you know they drop specific items every fourth fight?
  • The Vulpatra codex entry has been added.
  • Three new images were added to the image pack, all of Zheng Shi’s Lorelei, all drawn by Bonnie Bovine. One is pictured at right.

[TiTS | Backers] Ardia’s Balls Are the Best

Turns out we already have some art prepped for Ardia’s next expansion…

I was going to make a shitty pun, butt fuck it.

Lighterfluid finished coding up Ardia the other night, and I’m going to thrust her directly into your hands. As usually with big complex followers, there’s a lot of wheels in motion in this one that could break to produce fantastically wacky bugs! Please keep a keen eye for problems and report your issues on the bug report forum so we can get them chased down fast.


  • Ardia is now properly recruitable. Careful though, she’s addictive, has a dominance meter, and can be fitted with a synthsheath if that’s your jam, though the last part isn’t exactly new. Savin, Wsan, and William all chipped in for her, so if you’re like me, look forward to a lot of T H I C C content.
  • That’s it! I haven’t coded since Friday.
  • P.S. A debug dominance meter adjustment was left in her menu. It will be gone next patch, so enjoy it while it lasts.

[Backers | TiTS] Bad Ends, Buggy Hunters, and more Dildonics

DCL knocked this out of the park.

0.8.027 Changelog:

  • A new NPC has appeared! Thyvara can be found on Mhen’ga in the bar area (if I recall correctly). Fucky McFuck wrote her, and DrunkZombie did the code-touches.
  • Three New Dildos have been added to the game and placed in the “emergency dildo bucket”. Where is the bucket? On Kiro’s WIP recruitment quest. Type ‘doll’ to cheat your way there and fuck with the unfinished content.
  • The doors in Kiro’s recruitment quest should now properly accept dildos as keys.
  • Losing to the roaming fuckdolls now results in a bad end, written by William.
  • New busts: Laquine Fuckdoll, Goth Fuckdoll, Demon Fuckdoll, Illustria Po, Treated Male Zil.
  • New Image Pack Images: Kiroquest Earfuck Poster, Kiroquest Obedience Poster, and Bianca Blowjobs (Five of them: Human dong, horse dong, feline dong, canine dong, and suula dong). An updated Image Pack link will be included in the Patreon post.

More to come! Unfortunately my internet has been frustratingly slow on the upload side of things. Half the time I can’t even attach pictures to discord, let alone stream. Fortunately, my upstream decided to work again now that the rest of the world is sleeping, so the ImagePack did get uploaded…

[Backers | TiTS] Rectal Dildos

…for when you need to take an accurate temperature and rub the prostate.

2,500 words of variations slammed into this one – not as beefy as the vaginal stuff, but I feel like I did pretty good with it considering that anal isn’t my particular forte. I did lean a little into the “anal is dirty” in lower libido variants a bit, because I feel like that’s part of the fetish for some people, but I hope it doesn’t rub anyone the wrong way. There’s some lovely buttslut blurbs hidden in there as well.

This scene probably needs edits and corrections more than the last one due to me showing off less of it in discord, so be sure to smack the bug reports with any problems you find!

0.8.026 Changelog:

  • Dildos are now accessible from the masturbation menu. If you have more than one, it will open a submenu to select your plastic prong of choice.
  • Dildos can now be used rectally with a scene that shares absolutely zero text with the vaginal variant. Yay!
  • Some of the dildos got their stats and data scrambled together last patch. That should be fixed, though old items will probably still be screwy.
  • Various bug fixes courtesy of Jacques00.

Tomorrow I’m going to get all the doors in Kiro’s quest wired up to accept them properly~!

[Backers | TiTS] Perdita Pens Penis-Packing Pals

This lovely threesome courtesy of Rohezk

Small update today code-wise, but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. I got a huge NPC dropped into my lap mostly coded to polish up, so that’ll be on the way for this weekend. I’ve also been working out the details for the boss of Kiro’s recruitment quest and some of the messages you can receive during. There’s still a ton of work to do on that front, but with some of the encounters already written by Wsan, things should move smoothly-ish.

0.8.016 Changelog:

  • New bust: Mitzi’s Valentines Day outfit.
  • New bust: Star Viper Pilot.
  • New feature: Buying Multiple Items from shops at once, as coded by Somebody Else Entirely.
  • The option for in-line notification displays should now prevent the game from eating some of them in certain scenarios (Also by Somebody Else Entirely).
  • Lastly, Canadia Station gets a new resident in the form of Perdita – a half-ausar smut-writer that makes her living on Champeon. This sounds vaguely familiar. She comes with two sex scenes and a massive pile of purchasable smutbooks. Written by SomeKindofWizard.

[Backer | TiTS] Teensy(not quite)patch

I wanted to have that Amber stuff I was talking up live as well, but that might be another day or two. Sorry this week has been slower on content than usual, but I’m not going to rattle off the myriad excuses and reasons why. Fortunately the community coders have not been idle!

Personally, I’m just gonna give you snake-girl ball-sucking.

0.8.007 Changelog:

  • Synphia can now suck your balls… and use her psionic powers to make them bigger.
  • Yoma got a chunky new expansion! Written by GothPastel and coded by Whimsalot.
  • A new transformation item has been added to Ceria’s inventory: Areolove! This transformation lets you adjust your nipple shape. Written & Coded by Somebody Else.
  • Fixed a bug in the ship swapping menu.
  • Suula breast size options should display properly.
  • Lots of other fixes courtesy of Jacques00!

[Backers] Surprise! Patch From PAX

CoC2’s Public Patch is out as well. Patch Notes Here.

Hey guys, out-of-town-oxo here to let you know that just because I’ve been hecka busy being away from my workstation doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about you. I got some work done before I left AND found time to do a little bit of fun in between con-related activities. On top of that, Wsan and our volunteer coders have kept the progress coming! Choo choo!

I’ll do our own public patch sometime after I’m at home this week!

0.7.272 Changelog (PLEASE UPDATE):

  • Several new changes that were  supposed  to be in 0.7.271 should actually be included now. My bad!

0.7.271 Changelog:

  • I’ve dialed back the joke text adjustments for April Fools. They were a bit over the top, and we’re gonna keep things a little more serious from now on.
  • A new SSTD that I’m rather proud of has  been added to the game. It comes on fast and finishes quicker than a pent-up laquine.
  • An awesome new dream for penis-toting PCs with Kase a crewmember has been added. Big shout out to HugsAlright for slinging it at me!
  • Laquine Pregnancy Busts should show properly.
  • Bored Jumpers can give you SSTDs again.  This was improperly removed during the pregnancy update.
  • You can now make some fun bets with Haley. Thanks to Lighterfluid for coding it and Wsan for writing it up!
  • Amber now has an option for having threesomes with Anno, again written by Wsan and coded by Lighterfluid.
  • Added a new story to the game, “Breeding Sylvie.” It’s available for purchase from Mabbs, who in-game wrote it. Thanks to Gardeford for actually writing it!
  • You can now jab Haley with some Throbb, if you like bad ideas. Again, by Wsan, coded by Lighterfluid.
  • You can’t go to sleep in the Battle for Korg’ii Hold any longer.
  • A lot of other fixes and tweaks (but not much for Blackjack yet. Sorry!)

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