You may not like it, but Selima is peak feminine perfection.

So it’s been about a year now since CoC2 came out! I gotta say: thank you guys so much for your support so far. Y’all make this ‘mander very happy — and to those of you who’re backing, an extra special thanks from those of us who you’re enabling to do this for a living. We love you guys. Have an off-schedule public patch to celebrate!

And you know who else loves you? Catgirl harems. And doggy-girls. And Garret, but he probably won’t say that to your face.

Edit: I made an oopsie in a parser use that was causing crashes. It’s been hotfixed now (you’ll need to redownload if you used that option).

0.1.15 Patch Notes:

  • There’s a new event in the Old Forest with a trio of not-quite-lupines. Found as a random encounter this week only! Beware: your anal virginity is in peril on this adventure!
  • Garrett has new Frost Hound talk scenes.
  • New busts: Cat Harem and the strange pups. Also a special Silly Mode version of the harem.
  • New Combat Flow: You can now toggle between Player, Manual, or Auto in the options menu or during combat. Lets you switch between just controlling the PC, the whole party, or nobody!
  • New Feature: Initiative Tracker. There’s a bar at the top of the combat window showing who goes in what order. May be helpful now that you can control the whole team.

New This Month:

  • Combat 2.0. See this post for details!
  • New Enemy: Centaur Marauders
  • New Enemy: Lupine Scouts
  • New Brint Content: Undertable Oral and All Night Oral
  • New Bust: Hirrud Grune

If you aren’t supporting us already, please consider doing so! It helps me whip more lewd cats out of DCL.