This patch is going to feature some pretty major changes!

So, first and foremost, there’s a Download Version available underneath the normal play link. Big thanks to Gedan for getting that all worked out for us. Love u bb. An Android APK version will be along eventually, but for right now this is a PC only DL.

Second, as the name of the patch suggests, this patch includes aΒ major revision to the combat flow of the game. Specifically, there is an auto-battle feature that will put the PC on an AI routine just like your companions have always used. It’s not particularly smart but it definitely will let you mash Q to get through lower-level mobs. In addition, if you want a more fine-tuned control of the battle,Β you can optionally take control of your companions in combat as well. Yeah, you read that right. We initially took a hard stance against this, but a lot of you guys have been asking for it, and we found a way to implement it without making the game a slog for the rest of the playerbase (see automation above). There’s an option in the game menu that makes this the default combat system; otherwise you can opt-in at the start of every fight and between each turn if the autobattle is deciding to get you wiped out.

I hate going back on a “This is how it is” statement, but sometimes you gotta eat crow. I think the game will ultimately be much improved using this new system, but please give us your feedback! This update changes a lot of the combat flow and pacing, and also some UI/UX elements.

If you aren’t a backer and want to see what’s up, click here!Β 

Edit: Drake released a hotfix for bugs related to Berwyn and Arona. You’ll need to re-download if you’re using that version!

0.1.14 Patch Notes:

  • Combat Update 2.0 is implemented. God helps us.
  • You can now choose auto-battle or direct control of companions. There’s an option to make manual control default.
  • The combat button tray has been revamped. Your At-Will power is now on the main button row. All the “You Lose” buttons are now on the bottom.
  • New Enemy: Centaur Marauders (by Wsan).
  • New Enemy: Lupine Scouts (by Balak).
  • You can crawl under the Frost Hound tables to suck Brint off. Plus another regular sex scene focused on oral… (also by Wsan)
  • New bust: Hirrud Grune, who’s much more handsome than I envisioned.
  • There’s a PC Download version of this patch. Should be with all future patches as well.

What to Look Forward to Soon:

  • Level 4 and more combat/balance changes. Probably accompanying OrcQuest’s implementation or near to it.
  • Centaur waifus.
  • A farm full of puppysluts and cowgirls.

Don’t forget to check out TiTS’ Dane-fueled patch right under this one!