Despite a couple of computers dying and Drake having an oopsie, we’ve finally got a patch for you guys. Sorry it’s a tad late! Assuming Balak’s computer doesn’t die again, the Hornet Hive Knight should be in next patch, and there’s a chunk of new Brint/Brienne content that’s hot off the presses too.

0.2.11 Patch Notes:

  • New enemy: Hashat the Marefolk Spellhammer! Encountered in South Harvest Valley, this magical pony is anything but little — but she is particularly friendly towards elven ladies. (Written by SomeKindofWizard and Kinathis)
  • New event: you can acquire a special ring from an event in town, accessible after having viewed at least 5 dreams. (Written by Runingman and Wsan)
  • New NPC: Kavi the Northern Minotauress, found in Marefolk Village. (by Gardeford)
  • Shiny new logos done by BuntCake. She completely blew me away with the new hotness!
  • Edit: Oh also Ahmri, the Tainted Witch on the river, and the ghost lupine mooks all have busts now!

Art of Hashat by Arbuz! She’s played by Kinathis (Minerva’s original author!) in my D&D campaign, which you can watch here~

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