I hope you like huge milky tiddies and/or cute little femboys, cuz we got both this week. Sorry for missing last week — bit of a down week for us. Definitely not because Fire Emblem: Three Houses came out. It just happened to, that’s all. Also go buy it if you like TRPGS; it’s one of the best in the series.

0.2.9 Patch Notes:

  • A new but optional female companion is available! Find the hidden cave in South Harvest Valley while Brint is in your party and pay attention to the quest. You might want to keep a save before you go in there! (written by Wsan)
  • June, a femboi lupine seeking massive gains (of your cummies) has been added to the gym. (Also written by Wsan. Man hiring that guy was a good idea, good job me. Also, coded by Coolmn.)
  • You can get an extra chunk of storage out of the Ruined Wayfort after the alraune boss. (Coded by AirplanePerson)

Up next: I’m finishing off the last bits and pieces of my salamander-centric project before moving on to the next stage of CaitQuest and the first stages of the Frostwood, our next area. Some more marefolk-related fun and the Harvest Valley centaur dungeon are getting wrapped up — there should be something horsey for next patch, though the quest will take a bit longer! Also, Balak’s coding a small Pupperidge Farm xpak for milking yourself and some other fun, so milky Champs have some relief headed your way too.

We’re actually running a little short on finished content at the moment, so if you happen to have an itch for writing, consider heading over to the forums to check out our submission guidelines! new enemy encounters, sex scenes for existing NPCs, and sexy happenings in the wilderness are relatively easy ways to ease yourself into things.

June likes you. He likes sex. Very nice! (Art by DCL)

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