As of today I’ve just finished reviewing and approving a pretty stonking huge chunk of content all parceled in together: the Wayfort Renovation project and two new(ly romancable, anyway) waifus that go along with that. In addition, today marks the start of the interior of Khor’minos hitting the code block as well — you’ll see that coming out in waves, just like we’ve handled the Outskirts so far, though obviously there’s a lot more to the interior of the metropolis so it’ll be quite a while before we consider Khor’minos “done” in any real sense.

Future plans: more reviewing next week, start writing the next leg of the main questline the week after.

0.4.16 Patch Notes:

  • New encounter in the Undermountain: batfolk muggers! (Written by BubbleLord)
  • New TFs: Hornet (Skow), Succubus & Incubus (Shadefalcon, coded by Squishy)
  • Dual-Wielding has gotten a bit of a buff: you can now crit with your off-hand weapon.
  • New option to disable journal notifications.

Thanks for sticking with us!

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