Thanks to community writer Fleep, the elven huntress Gytha’s returned from self-imposed exile, and we’ve got some new RP interactions with Azzy and El!

0.4.18 Patch Notes:

  • Azzy will talk you about her relationship with Liaden right after you wingman for her — or you can tell her you never want to wingman for her to disable it permanently. (Written by Skow)
  • Gytha is back and wants your knots and cummies. After finishing WC there is a chance to encounter her anywhere in the Frostwood. (Written by Fleep)
  • New edge-case interactions for if Brint knocked up Elthara but has since become a woman.
  • New bust: Gytha’s warg now has black fur like it was always supposed to.
  • Some tweaks/fixes for the incubus/succubus TFs and other misc fixes.

New Since Last Public Update:

  • You can now head into Brint’s family home in the Outskirts and meet his family.
  • You can now train with Rina, Brint/enne’s sister, and take her out on a date! Gotta do training 4 times before you can flirt with her. There is a tremendous amount of variation in these scenes, so they’re going to come out a bit slowly.
  • Etheryn/Evelyn have their own threesome now
  • New Codex: Fluffy Nagas
  • New TFs: Hornets, Demon-morphs
  • New Encounters: Batfolk in Undermountain
  • New CGs: Brienne/Rina post-date.
  • New Busts: Corrupted Nihara, Brint’s mom & sister