Deliciously THICCC Leo!Cait is having some trouble squeezing into her vestments now…

We’ve got a bit of a grab-bag of scenes from some new writers, as well as some horsey fun-times from the staff.

If you’re playing on Android, please see this post from earlier in the week about keeping your save files up to date for future releases!

0.7.13 Patch Notes:

  • There’s a new character in Rose’s bar down in Khor’minos: a particularly bratty catgirl huntress that’s been trapped down there by the quarantine and could use someone to blow her back out — I mean, help blow off some steam. (by Aury)
  • You can now attach Arona to Svern’s milking machine at the Wayfort. (also by Aury)
  • After you’ve nursed from Genova in the Centaur Village, there’s a new option to help some of the other lonely MILFs in the village get some much-needed relief. Garde saw Juno’s cowgirl mommy orgy and decided the horses ought to have one too!
  • Hashat has 2 new sex scenes: one for elf traps (that is to say, Femininity 40+, male pronouns, and have a cock and no vag), and a Smotherfuck for vag-havers. (by Skow, coded by Squishy)
  • Clementine has a new cowgirl sex scene after you’ve fucked her at least 3 times. (by ScaleTail)
  • Bug/Text fixes courtesy of Spotty and Zag <3
  • New Busts: Leothranized Cait, by Moira.

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