So Gedan has been working on Zeikfried’s alternate crystal goos. They’re… complicated to say the least. It might be a bit before they’re anywhere near presentable, particularly with all the craziness being packed under the hood. There’s something like two main combat encounters that vary behaviors and sex scenes wildly depending on how they’re defeated, including resistance changes mid-fight and special snowflake mechanics out the wazoo.

Somehow I doubt she’ll be up for trying Zeikfried’s female sydians afterward.

I’ve got about 1,000 more words of Emmy chunked out right now, but I want to hit 1,500 before bed. Still kind of a weak day by my standards, but after the write-draught I’ve had, I’ll take what I can get.

Public Build ETA: Sometime around the 5th or 8th. We may get the backers something before then.

Stay radical everybody, and expect my thoughts on Ubisoft’s “The Division” to show up on my youtube channel sometime this weekend.