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Dedpoast, Dedgame, Dedfen

I coded a big chunk of Pexigaquest today. I didn’t get as much as I wanted to done though. Ugh.

New Serverino

If you’re seeing this, then you’re viewing the blog on the new server. There’s probably still some flakey and/or broken shit around that I’ll need to fix tomorrow. Nothing is probably sending out emails for a start, so don’t expect password loss/password resets/new user reg to work right now.

Also I used this as an opportunity to fuck IPB off finally. The forums have been moved over to XenForo, but I’ve not had a chance to do much of anything past “make it installed” thus far.

rip me

Kill Me

Feel worse than yesterday. Probably going to cease mentioning illness until it vanishes or something of note happens. :{

In Sickness and in Health


I’m sick again. Lungs full of crud, all that fun. Before everyone gets all “FEN IS SICK ALL THE TIME,” I’d like to point out that Savin is sick too. I’m gonna win the recovery race if it kills me!

Seriously though, I’ll try and get some stuff done anyway. I just wanted to touch bases. (“Fen gets sick all the time,” only happens because I tell you guys when it happens.)

Edit: Not sure if inspired by Jacques00 and Adjatha streaming all day, but started writing again. Just jammed out like 1500+ words of Bro-specific scene for Kally.
Edit2: Hit a total of 2,500 words for the day. Just wrote the scene where Kally and Kiro get all teary and huggy once it’s out in the open that Kiro sent her sister a bigass gem to help open the bar years ago. It’s cute. Now to do the alternate versions of the same scene tomorrow, health/mind permitting.

Anyone who wants to see what I sound like – I played a little BF1 with Savin and Reaper (warning, harsh/offensive language):

New Build Still Coming

It’s coming, but probably AFTER midnight. So technically it might be the seventh? Anyways, wanted to touch base with anyone feverishly mashing f5 and let them know what’s up.

Missing Savings

So, now that Fen’s back and working, time for productivity reversal! I’ve got several major doctor visits this week, and with any kind of luck, I’ll be able to start on a new medication sometime this week as well. The bad news about that is that said meds take the form of a several-hours-long infusion, done multiple times. In a building with awful-to-nonexistent wifi. So, I’m probably going to be out of commission more often that not this week! Apologies in advance if I don’t respond to messages/look over submission documents/all the other various and sundry things you expect out of your local writemander for a bit.

Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for this anemia bullshit I’ve been dealing with since May, cuz life’s been one big barrel of suck since it started.


Coming Soon: Immediate Billing

We’re switching to immediate building billing (HOW DIDN’T I NOTICE THAT TYPO?) on Patreon soon. What that means is that soon, as soon as you subscribe on Patreon, it’s going to charge you. I’m pretty sure it SHOULD be prorated depending on what point in the month it is. The reason for this is for linking on this site – new accounts aren’t getting benefits here until they get billed – which can take up to a month. That sucks.

This should also cut down on Patreon piracy, AKA, backing someone, downloading shit, and cancelling your pledge. Don’t do it kids. It’s a jackass maneuver.


EDIT: Oh wow, thank you guys so much for the outpouring of well-wishes. You guys are the best <3

Well that was probably the worst three days of my life.

Savin here. As you might have picked up if you read our twitter feed, I was sent to the E.R. on Tuesday night. I am home now, in stable condition (though not what my doctors would call “good”). Will probably be taking the rest of the week off to recover, but honestly I feel more or less fine and should be back in working order in a couple days.

For those interested in likely boner-wilting details, read on after the break. Everybody has been asking, so I might as well write up a response in one place. Otherwise, see you guys next week.

Giving ZJ’s for Z-Paks

I couldn’t sleep a full eight hours, and I couldn’t handle how much swallowing hurt, so I spent the afternoon waiting in line at a clinic to get some antibiotics. Now I’ve got a Z-Pak and am hopefully on the path to recovery. I damned well better be after how miserable I was this morning.

The public build should be out later tonight.

I Hope Everyone Had A Good April Fools

Obviously, my previous post was in jest. Regular Fenpoasts resume Monday.

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