Cait and some encounter maths are both getting a little bigger~

0.4.23 Patch Notes:

  • By helping Cait blow a staggering number of minotaurs over and over again, you can cause the kitty to start putting on a little extra weight, spread over multiple bust stages just like her, well, bust (there’ll be more ways to enthiccen her later). You can choose to send Cait to the gym if that’s not your jam.
  • Encounter rates have been refactored, and a [Pick Fight] button has been added to combat areas that is guaranteed to proc fights for your grinding pleasure.
    • – Whenever you get an encounter from moving tiles, there is *at least* a 66% chance that it will be a combat encounter.
    • – When you Explore, there is now *at most* a 50% chance that it will be a combat encounter.
    • – Once you have “cleared” a zone, this drops to *at most* a 20% chance that it will be a combat encounter.
    • – Clearing a zone means beating the big bad area boss or quest: Alraune for Old Forest, Centaur Quest for Harvest Valley, Orc Quest for Foothills, Winter City for Frostwood, Lureling for Glacial Rift. Undermountain cannot be cleared currently.

New Since Last Public Patch:

  • You can now enter the city of Khor’minos proper, including a bakery and inn.
  • New Enemy Encounter: Demon Goblin (appears only after clearing Winter City, found in Frostwood).
  • Three new Rina scenes.
  • New Cassia interactions once you’re done with Rina’s arc.
  • Atugia and Brienne have new dual sleepwith scenes.
  • New CGs: Brienne/Atugia (by Akira Raikou), Goblin Hypnotist (by DCL)
  • New Busts: Nocturna, Milking Stall Girls