And now for a chance to build up your relationship with the sweetest slice of beef in the party. Big ups to Wsan for writing this whole patch across a whole bunch of characters!

0.4.15 Patch Notes:

  • You can now enter Brint/enne’s house in the Khor’minoan Outskirts! This is the first of several planned updates with Brint’s family — for now, it’s just intros, talking, and some quickies with Brint/enne. (By Wsan, obviously)
  • The fluffy naga race has a codex now! (By Wsan)
  • Evelyn and Etheryn now have their own dedicated threesome (Also by Wsan)
  • Corrupted Nihara and Brint’s family all have busts now, by Moira. Lyric also has a combat bust now!

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