The next phase of Harvest Valley’s story is here in the form of a deliciously chunky pony: Ahmri the centauress, daughter of the corrupted chieftain and precious snowflake that must be protected.

Note: The Windows Download version is up and working again. Also Savin is a big dumb, OBVIOUSLY SIGNED BY FENOXO.

0.1.17 Patch Notes:

  • Ahmri, daughter of the centaur chieftain, can be rescued in Harvest Valley. You’ll need to encounter the centaur packleader three times before you can encounter her (written by Gardeford).
  • Berwyn has a couple new sex scenes by Hugs! You need to have buttfucked him once (in this patch, not earlier) to access one of them.
  • Kiyoko has a new random scene if she has 4+ kits and you have a meal with her.
  • A new dream featuring a centaur and a wyld elf. You’ll need to have lost vaginal or anal virginity, fucked Sugo, and met Ivris. Thanks to Bubble!
  • Garret’s titjob scene no longer accidentally leads to vaginal sex. You gotta go to that scene on your own now 😛

New since April 1st Bonus Public Patch:

  • Racial code now works right.
  • Garret has sex in the Frost Hound. His scenes are m/f only.
  • Vaush the orc shaman is in the Foothills.
  • New TF: Gnoll.
  • New Busts for all of GarretQuest.

As always, you can get backer access here if you like what you’re getting~

Art by Lazorchef! I’ve always loved his work and I am so stoked Garde got some for the game!