b6I’m terrible at working at what I say I’m going to work on. Instead of working on ship combat stuff, I’ve been working on the “buttslutinator mark 2,” a device which makes the PC’s butt super big, super sensitive, and causes them to heal from anal cumshots with enough uses. It also causes a bad-end if used too many times. That’s the part I’m writing now.

The other day I put together a small flash in an hour while watching Sherlock with my fiancee. I have far too small of an attention span to merely watch television. The ol’ brain is always ticking along on something! Anyway, Snao did up a lovely set of breast and penis expansion images that I saw on my twitter feed and felt compelled to turn into a simple little flash. Be sure and check out his tumblr and patreon if you like ’em.

Edit: Finished the bad-end. It clocks in about 1,500 words. Gotta edit it tomorrow then whip it up into code along with some bounty board stuff!