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Patch Thursday Should Be Gud

VivInSpace_VivWe’re gonna have another backer patch for sure on Thursday. Included is a small raft of new content for the Bubble Buddy – mainly the ability to give them to Flahne, Celise, and Vaande. Flahne and Celise even get a decent amount of sub-scenes in the process.

What a neat little toy! I saw some discourse in the last post’s comment thread about how they compare to the goovolver and the like, but the truth is that they aren’t meant to be used that way. Chucking filled condoms at enemies really isn’t the end-all-be-all of future sex-battles. Firing squeezy little goos is always going to trump that, if you ask me.

The issues with XP bars ought to be fixed (though I haven’t verified this myself just yet), and while I’m thinking on it, how’s the new XP system treating you? Level 1 should actually go past faster than before, even if 6+ should drag a little more.

No more writing or coding is likely for me tonight. I gotta do some editing!

Fanart is by VivInSpace on the forums of her lovely Captain Steele!

[Backers] TiTS 0.6.53 – Broken Fun!

tamaniSo I’ve slapped a few things in here and there. A lot of it is probably broken, but by the next build we’ll polish out any major bugs, I’m sure.

0.6.53 Changelog:

  • Kaede can now show up on Uveto for an event.
  • Lerris now sells a new sex toy.
  • The new sex toy has a spam advertisement added to the possible spam messages.
  • A new Codex entry for the new sex toy.
  • The new toy allows you to store bodily fluids for later use or gifting. Currently stored fluid can only be thrown at enemies in combat for now. Gifting it to Celise… Flahne… or others will come later!
  • A massive rework to how XP is handled. Note that the XP bar glitching out on level up is a known issue.
  • New bust for Tamani.
  • A small expansion pack for the myr deserters by Zeikfried. You can take their toys, use them, and even give Lys a flower if you want (after talking to her about herself).
  • Jade now sells a feline transformative written and coded by Etis from the forums.
  • Huskar treats are in the game, apparently.
  • Accuracy is now properly calculated when rolling miss chances.
  • A raft of other small fixes and tweaks.

Lovely bust for the TiTS incarnation of Tamani by Adjatha!

XP Adjustments

cheshireCatSmile37_Freja_chibiXP! Everyone loves to have it, especially when it means getting stronger, faster – you know the drill. But what everybody hates is having to walk back to sleep and level up, knowing that every fight and every scrap of experience you collect along the way is utterly wasted. And that’s not even the worst part. The worst part is sitting at the current level cap and knowing that playing the game more won’t help you out at all the next time we bump it up! Doesn’t that just burn you up?

It does for Savin.

Well, there are a few reasons I built the game to work that way. Initially I wanted to avoid an exponential experience system (I always hated when XP numbers got ridiculous), but I also wanted to avoid players leveling up too fast.  In order to keep the player from hitting level 8 by the time they finished Mhen’ga, I established a system that required heading back to town to level up, ensuring that by the time you finished running around on a planet, you could only snag one more level before heading off to the next.

Yes, it’s still possible to farm levels in that way, but the game was never intended to be played in such a way. More pressingly, the artificial headache that I introduced by having it work that way was bothersome to my staff and myself. So I bit the bullet and converted us to a more exponential experience system. All the NPCs in the game have been swapped to generate an XP value based on their level (with bosses giving double). What this means is I’m going to start letting you bank XP beyond your current level.

It also means that I’m slowing down leveling a bit, and that lower level enemies should be even less efficient for leveling up now. Level 5 enemies might give 5,000 XP now, but if you’re level 7, you’ll want to smack the level 7 foes and collect 15,000 XP each from them. The numbers are subject to change, of course. That’s the beauty of how I have it set up. I can change one formula, and the whole system automatically aligns itself to match.

(Pictured Huskar is Freja. Who knows if her author is gonna finish her though! Lovely art by CheshireCatSmile37!)

“Are you tired of THIS happening?” The kui-tan’s expression crinkles into a look of bliss, as he extends his free hand to a pile of silver condoms on a nightstand near by. He pulls a fistful back, but notices with horror that they’re all empty wrappers. His body shivers, and a massive jet of sticky white stuff shoots up roughly from the position of his lap, drenching the tanuki in a matter of seconds. He blinks, wiping the goop away from his eyes and turns to the camera with an exasperated shrug.

Full Steam Ahead!

myr_gold_bathI’m feeling a lot better today, and after a pretty productive work meeting this evening, looking forward to charging ahead full-steam on a number of projects. Sadly, that means I won’t get to play much of the last day of the Overwatch Beta, but I’ll live!

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day, perverts. Here’s a hot MILF. Now go tell your mothers you love them.Shade Swimsuit (Cheshire) TRNS

Public Release: 0.6.52

Or as I like to call it: Fen accomplished nothing, but at least that orgasm bug got patched!

0.6.52 Changelog:

  • Fazian, the Anat dancer can now be discovered alongside Dally in Gildenmere. Just make sure to rest a few times if you don’t see any new options!
  • Fazian even has his own mini-quest!
  • Many bugs were fixed!
  • There’s probably some other notable changes, but I was out pretty sick most of the week.

What’s New Since Last Pubbie Patch?

  • New group usage scene in Gildenmere.
  • New busts: Briha, Lerris, Fyn, Nayna, Sera, Zaalt, Semith, Galina (not yet active), Xanthe, Nayna in a coat, Mi’dee, Miko, and Mai.
  • New NPC in Beth’s on Tavros: Terensha
  • Gryvain starting race.
  • New Items: Junk in the Trunk, FertitePlus, Lactaid MilkTank, and Lactaid Overdrive.
  • A television program for Uveto’s bar.
  • Follower Yammi
  • Uveto, including Narrasa’s shop and a new laquine NPC, Nayna.
  • A herm orgy with Kiro.
  • Suma cream bad-end
  • A Dryad-morph on Mhen’ga
  • A new shop on Tavros: TamaniCorp, run by Lerris.
  • Probably some other bits and bobs I’ve missed!

Sorry for being so slow in getting this stuff put together. The shit ravaging my sinuses, throat, and tonsils is finally getting beaten back to where I feel kind of normal again. We had a super productive month this month, and I look forward to repeating next month!

Giving ZJ’s for Z-Paks

I couldn’t sleep a full eight hours, and I couldn’t handle how much swallowing hurt, so I spent the afternoon waiting in line at a clinic to get some antibiotics. Now I’ve got a Z-Pak and am hopefully on the path to recovery. I damned well better be after how miserable I was this morning.

The public build should be out later tonight.


niis_emmy_nude_hermSo for some reason, I assumed that the Overwatch beta would start on the 3rd, totally forgetting that it secretly starts at 4pm on the second. Then I proceeded to get progressively sicker as the night wore on, starting around 8pm. …So I just kept playing. That said, I feel shitty enough today that I’m probably not gonna be up to playing games for a bit. I’ll try and get these scenes coded so I can give you guys a new patch.

Game night for the Patreon backers at the game night tier has been delayed till tomorrow.

…lemme go clear out my email inbox.

*Fenoxo hefts his shovel…*

Fuck it, I’m spent. I at least got the new scene I wrote in! (And as an addendum, I am gonna try to play more Overwatch. Time to suck!)

0.6.51 Changelog:

  • New scene in Myrellion for PCs with a Y chromosome.
  • New busts: Semith, Galina (not yet active), Nayna in a coat, Mi’dee, Miko, and Mai.
  • Shockblade damage adjustments
  • Lots of bug-fixes and tweaks, courtesy of Jacques00.

Emmy by Niis approves!

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