Or as I like to call it: Fen accomplished nothing, but at least that orgasm bug got patched!

0.6.52 Changelog:

  • Fazian, the Anat dancer can now be discovered alongside Dally in Gildenmere. Just make sure to rest a few times if you don’t see any new options!
  • Fazian even has his own mini-quest!
  • Many bugs were fixed!
  • There’s probably some other notable changes, but I was out pretty sick most of the week.

What’s New Since Last Pubbie Patch?

  • New group usage scene in Gildenmere.
  • New busts: Briha, Lerris, Fyn, Nayna, Sera, Zaalt, Semith, Galina (not yet active), Xanthe, Nayna in a coat, Mi’dee, Miko, and Mai.
  • New NPC in Beth’s on Tavros: Terensha
  • Gryvain starting race.
  • New Items: Junk in the Trunk, FertitePlus, Lactaid MilkTank, and Lactaid Overdrive.
  • A television program for Uveto’s bar.
  • Follower Yammi
  • Uveto, including Narrasa’s shop and a new laquine NPC, Nayna.
  • A herm orgy with Kiro.
  • Suma cream bad-end
  • A Dryad-morph on Mhen’ga
  • A new shop on Tavros: TamaniCorp, run by Lerris.
  • Probably some other bits and bobs I’ve missed!

Sorry for being so slow in getting this stuff put together. The shit ravaging my sinuses, throat, and tonsils is finally getting beaten back to where I feel kind of normal again. We had a super productive month this month, and I look forward to repeating next month!