VivInSpace_VivWe’re gonna have another backer patch for sure on Thursday. Included is a small raft of new content for the Bubble Buddy – mainly the ability to give them to Flahne, Celise, and Vaande. Flahne and Celise even get a decent amount of sub-scenes in the process.

What a neat little toy! I saw some discourse in the last post’s comment thread about how they compare to the goovolver and the like, but the truth is that they aren’t meant to be used that way. Chucking filled condoms at enemies really isn’t the end-all-be-all of future sex-battles. Firing squeezy little goos is always going to trump that, if you ask me.

The issues with XP bars ought to be fixed (though I haven’t verified this myself just yet), and while I’m thinking on it, how’s the new XP system treating you? Level 1 should actually go past faster than before, even if 6+ should drag a little more.

No more writing or coding is likely for me tonight. I gotta do some editing!

Fanart is by VivInSpace on the forums of her lovely Captain Steele!