niis_emmy_nude_hermSo for some reason, I assumed that the Overwatch beta would start on the 3rd, totally forgetting that it secretly starts at 4pm on the second. Then I proceeded to get progressively sicker as the night wore on, starting around 8pm. …So I just kept playing. That said, I feel shitty enough today that I’m probably not gonna be up to playing games for a bit. I’ll try and get these scenes coded so I can give you guys a new patch.

Game night for the Patreon backers at the game night tier has been delayed till tomorrow.

…lemme go clear out my email inbox.

*Fenoxo hefts his shovel…*

Fuck it, I’m spent. I at least got the new scene I wrote in! (And as an addendum, I am gonna try to play more Overwatch. Time to suck!)

0.6.51 Changelog:

  • New scene in Myrellion for PCs with a Y chromosome.
  • New busts: Semith, Galina (not yet active), Nayna in a coat, Mi’dee, Miko, and Mai.
  • Shockblade damage adjustments
  • Lots of bug-fixes and tweaks, courtesy of Jacques00.

Emmy by Niis approves!