Big surprise: Overwatch came out and I played it too damned much yesterday. With that said, I did finish up the scene for using the SukMastr 2000 on yourself to pump up your pussy. So yay, stuff still got done!

I’m probably going to be only get 5-6 hours of work in a day this week while I burn myself out on what I consider to be Team Fortress 3, the sequel to a game I banked 1,300 hours in. But do not despair! For one, I’ve started overhauling vagina descriptions (and I intend to work on dick descriptions). One of the goals is to add more variety (thus, special flavor adjectives for bimbos and bros, among other things – like the pussy pumps) and to cut down on descriptions that aren’t ‘fun’. For instance, if your vagina is neither loose nor tight, why bother throwing out a word for it? If your pussy is bone dry, why say anything at all? Also, why bother throwing the word “terran” out ten goddamn times every other scene simply because you like to play human?

I’m trying to address all of these issues with the current systems and more. For example, the vaginal wetness descriptor will base itself off the PC’s lust score. If you are under 33 lust and get in a scene, it’ll describe you as if you’re one level of wetness below your character’s normal wetness rating. Similarly, being above 66 will have the opposite effect. IMO, 3 base wetness is going to be the best spot, since bimbos with lust above 100 can get it to display as if they had the maximum wetness of 5 (being over 100 lust is +2 wetness). Another fun thing is all vagina descriptions will have fun flavor words for bimbos, regardless of who they are on. I need to do the same thing with dicks so my bimbo PCs can look at Penny’s “yummy-looking horse-cock.” (I guess we need NPCs with customizable pussies so this feature can get some use…)

Did I mention the pussy pump yet? It can permanently swell up your pussy through two tiers of description. Ever wanted a chubby pussy or a lewdly swollen cunt? You can get them. Not sure when we’ll get a way to reverse that (aside from Dr. Lash), so you’ll want to use it with caution. Also includes a brief line in the appearance screen as well. The only real downside as far as I’m concerned is that when you reach the maximum level of pumped up, you can’t use the machine anymore since your pussy fills the cup. Well, that and that there’s no scene for using it on multiple vaginas at once. Maybe I can con someone into doing something like that down the road, but I don’t think any of my usual suspects are into that sort of thing.

One thing on my to-do list is setting up the appearance screen so that genital descriptions will be reliable and simple rather than flavorful. So I’ve got that on my plate as well. You might see a patch for backers before I hit the sack for bed tonight – we’ll see. I’m going to put in another 20 minutes or so, and then get dragged off to shoot folks.

Cya, bras!