Shade Topless (Shou)Something like 14,000 words later, it occurs to me I may have made Shade somewhat more involved than originally intended. For those of you who enjoy roleplaying, I think her little mini-expansion here will give you some meat to chew on if you’ve set yourself on one of her more complex relationship paths. Just about done with it, aside from a couple alterations to her existing talk/sex stuff so that she can be properly moved to Uveto. Also included: an introduction to her daughter Astra, who I’m very much looking forward to seeing in-game.

Once I’ve got Shade wrapped up enough for now, I reckon it’s about time Reaha’s addiction cure path got some love. Assuming I can avoid any more health crises anyway (I’m doing better, by all accounts).

Not much to say other than that. Just figured I’d touch base once in a full blue moon.

Also share a sexy new pin-up version of Shade’s bust, by our resident Shoupup. Kitty momma got back (and a heck of a lot in front, too)!

P.S. Also got some art of the Gnoll Princess from CoC by Cheshire, post some incidental TFs while adventuring. Was saving it for last week, but I somehow avoided bad-ending myself in Adjatha’s game! Try, try again I guess.