(Fen Note: I pushed a new patch but edited the timestamp to put it below Shou’s post due to the seriousness of it.)

Hello everyone, Shou here.

So a lot of you have probably been wondering where the heck I’ve been the last two months. Well, it turns out – I’ve been really sick. I’ll give you guys a small breakdown, but most of this is just going to be general information since I wanna keep a lot of my medical stuff private. I have been suffering from pretty bad joint pain, and for a while there I couldn’t go up and down the stairs without crying because of how bad the joints in my hands, wrists, ankles, and knees were.

I went to the doctor when it got this bad and they ran me through a battery of tests and medications, and slowly discovered over the past weeks what worked and what didn’t. I was diagnosed with a few things; including a simple (but not so simple solution) autoimmune disorder with reactive arthritis. It explains why I get so sick so easily, and why my joints hurt so bad. The arthritis is new, but an expected development, and now we’re just figuring out medicine and treatments for me going in the future. Along with extra lab tests to treat more of the underlying causes.

What does this mean?? I’m still going to be working of course, now that I am on medicine and beginning to feel better. But I am a bit on the slower side as I try to minimize the damage to my joints. As the coming weeks go, however, I should be getting back up to speed due to the medications and looking forward to seeing all your wonderful faces in my streams again! I have missed you guys a lot, and I have especially missed working and just hanging out!

So in the coming days look for me to announce a Livestream and come hang out with me!
Your support means everything!

Pictured here, we have a silly mode Sandworm Parasite.

A Store?! Whaaaat!?

Hello Fen-Friends!

Welcome, welcome, once again to an exciting new announcement! So I know you guys have seen our Crowdmade store before, where you could purchase a few cool shirts or some mugs. But we have more exciting things in the works for you guys now!

There is a store here on the Blog itself! What?! Yeah! You heard me right! There is a store on the blog! You can purchase t-shirts, posters, and mugs galore! We’ve also got a few secret things in the works for in the coming weeks, and you guys will have to keep an eager eye on the blog for when we post up the announcements.

For now, mosey on over to that store button and have a gander around!


Oh! I nearly forgot. We’re going to be putting up a Dakimakura for the store soon, and I wanna know which character *you* guys wanna see the most!

EDIT: Holy shit, guys, 745 votes! Thanks a ton for this. Now then our winner is… DUN DUN DUN!
Anno! We’re going to see our favorite Ausar cutie on a Daki soon! <3 Watch for a post announcing its arrival.

That being said – I did notice a handful of characters you guys mentioned that weren’t represented. Next time we’ll have them up there, along with the top 3 after the winner! So look forward to the next poll!

Post-Office Mistakes

Hello Corporate Backers!

Shoupup here with news about your Backer Rewards. Unfortunately, they’ll be arriving a little later than planned this month [hopefully sometime next week, but certainly before the 31st] due to a massive miscommunication at my post office.

Your packages are being sent out from Watertown, NY, and apparently, the girl who was charging me out at the post office couldn’t count. One of the packages was overlooked, and because it was all done on one transaction they just held all the packages at the office and put me a note in the post instead of contacting me by phone. So I’ve got to make a return trip to the post office either tomorrow, or Monday [5/21/18] to resend the packages. I’ll be getting tracking numbers for all of them this time.

If you want to know your tracking number feel free to message me on Discord or e-mail me and I’ll have that for you Monday afternoon at the latest. I thank you very much for your understanding of this problem, and will certainly strive to keep it from occurring again. Thanks once again.

My Discord tag: Shou#2747


The announcement returns – Furry Weekend Atlanta is here!

 Well well well! Here we are again, a year later!

Hello everyone, Shoupup here. Fen did his final Furry Weekend Atlanta announcement the other day, and here I am with the final (and only) one from my end! We’re having a Panel again this year, but no merch booth. (I enjoy getting to walk around too much, and Fen also wants a chance to  better explore without rushing back to the table!)

Our panel is Friday, April 6th at 10:30 PM at “Panels Dock 6.”

Making Adult Adventure Games (Trials in Tainted Space) + Meet & Greet

Are you interested in producing your own erotic visual novel or adventure game? Do you enjoy games like Corruption of Champions (CoC) or Trials in Tainted Space (TiTS)? Then this is the panel for you! Fenoxo (of CoC & TiTS fame) along with the lovely, talented Shou (a staff artist) will put on a presentation of what all goes into making such highly erotic, customization-laden games, followed by trivia, Q/A, and generally hanging out. Much like our games, this panel will be 18+ only! This is your chance to chill out with the developers of one of the biggest projects on Patreon and maybe win some free swag in the process. See you there!

So there we have it, reposted from Fen’s post in case you guys wanted to read it over again. And I look forward to seeing you all around!


A character Profile done TiTS style – hopefully, you’ll be seeing the development of Shourya soon! :3 If you guys are interested in purchasing something like this, I’ll have an announcement after the convention for it.

Hiya Peeps!

Heya fine Fen followers, Shoupup here.

So, I’ve gotten more than a few questions about what happened to the Bust Trello, I figured I’d make a short post here to let you guys know that it hasn’t vanished off the face of the planet, relax.

We here at FenCo value our writers, and our staff greatly – you guys are a major part of helping make this game a reality. Sadly, upon further examination of the Bust Trello, we realized that some of the things linked on the Trello were meant to be private for the team (no sneak peeks!) and that people were using it more as a porn repository – something it wasn’t intended to be. If you guys want to see raw art for the game you can follow the Artists (links will be at the bottom of the post).

So to those who were wondering, no, you guys didn’t do anything wrong. We just don’t want Trello shutting us down because of high bandwidth due in part to wonderful people who couldn’t stop fapping to our delicious delicious arts. (;3) I appreciate everyone’s understanding over this, and I hope you guys look forward to some of the things we have upcoming.

I’ve got a couple of Busts in the works (Kattom Osgood and Yoma), and I know Adj is working on a few as well. We’ll be making another appearance at Furry Weekend Atlanta [April 5-8th] this year, so you guys should stop by and see if you can’t find us! (No booth this year, but we will have a panel!) Fenoxo and I will be happy to see you guys once again!

Adjatha :

Shou :

Other Artists :

Absence and News from Shoupup

Hey, folks!

Gosh, it seems like I only ever make posts when I’m sick, or when I’m about to live stream. I guess that means that FenCo is upholding it’s “every employee must be sick X times a year”. I wanted to tell you guys I was super sorry for my absence and that I have fully recovered and will be returning to work in these next few days!

TLDR; I got a really bad infection and was on bedrest for 2 weeks because I kept doing too much. Infection kicked the bucket, and I’m cleared to return to my life! 😀

Here is a sneaky peek at Chaurmine and where he got picked up at the other day. I have two words for you guys.

Metal. Scales.

As per the usual…

You guys only ever seem to hear from me when I’m sick. Cause that’s what happened, woohoo! FenCo once again known for employing only sick people (Except Gedan & Adj).

I’d been sick for a few days, and at the ass crack of dawn on Monday morning, the pain crested and I gave in and spent the whole day in the ER. Ultimately, I knew what was wrong, the doctors confirmed and I was laid up in bed on painkillers. The culprit? Kidney Stones. Yuck.

I’ve spent the last three days high as a kite and sleeping the effects of everything off. I hope to be returning to livestreaming tomorrow, or the day after – but we’ll see how my recovery continues.

On that note, I’m sure he’s been up here before – but I like him so you get to see him again…

<- Shean, the Dracotaur taxi bro.

Announcing Furry Weekend Atlanta

Well, well, well – What have we here? News! That’s what.

You folks ever heard of Furry Weekend Atlanta? Yes? No? Well buckle up sweet cheeks, cause I’ma tell you all about it! As you can guess, it’s a convention that’s being held in Atlanta during April 6-9th this year. The theme? Game on.

Shou? What’s that mean for us? What’re you telling us this useless information for?” EASY PEASY!

FenCo is going to be there as a Dealer, and doing a Panel! Or at least, Fenoxo and I (the every lovely Shouyousei) will be there this year.

We’ll have merchandise for you guys to purchase; Buttons, Bookmarks, Flash drives loaded with art and stories, stickers and game codes! (And maybe if you guys are super interested, badges). So if you live in Atlanta, or are going to be in the area, come stop by! When I have our Dealer Den map position, I’ll be sure to post that up for you guys. You can download the FWA app and see our profile, and info there.

Our panel will be an After Dark Meet and Greet panel. I look forward to getting to see people, and to actually talk to some fans!

Picture : Pippa Pig done by yours truly!


UPDATE : Since people are curious about the merchandise… Yes, there might be a chance to purchase left over merchandise after the convention. We’ll see what we have left, and it’ll be put up on offer to buy. So do keep an eye out!


wipThe Sentinel Bike! (For imaging/display purposes only!)

Hello folks! Shou here! For those who have been curious about my whereabouts, I’ve been busy prepping for the upcoming convention we’ll be attending in April! Furry Weekend Atlanta will host FenCo for the weekend, and we’re hoping to sell merchandise, and have Fen hosting a panel sometime during the Con. I’ll also be there, talking and taking orders for anyone interested.

Merchandise has been quite a bit of fun to put together. There will be several Bundles offered to buy, containing images+stories+working game model. There will be Prints from myself, Adj and Guest artists! You’ll be able to purchase the VN (providing it’s finished by then), as well as ID Badges, bookmarks, buttons, and stickers!!

Pre-orders for ID Badges will be opening in February for anyone who wants to have one at the Con, you’ll be able to pick them up at the table, or hopefully have it mailed to you before the Convention itself!

Anyways! Who should be riding this pretty beauty? Why don’t you guys tell us!

Who should be riding the Sentinel bike?

  • Penny (40%, 284 Votes)
  • Saendra (22%, 158 Votes)
  • Kaede (12%, 88 Votes)
  • Kiro (10%, 72 Votes)
  • Shekka (6%, 45 Votes)
  • Hana (5%, 36 Votes)
  • Renvra (2%, 16 Votes)
  • AuShou (1%, 8 Votes)
  • Nayna (1%, 8 Votes)

Total Voters: 715

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Guess I best say hello…

AuShouShou here!

Most of you know me, and have seen my live streams, but I’ve never actually posted anything on the blog but livestream announcements. So I guess here I am saying hi, and introducing myself. My job with the team is solely art based, although Savin is trying to make me do writes – we’ll see how that goes. It might take off it might not. Hm. Hmm!


For anyone who wants, the places you can find me are :

As a side note, I’ve also started a small GoFundMe to finally try to replace my old, beat to shit desk that I complain about every time I stream.

Um. I suppose that’s everything? Can’t think of much else. Drop me a line, I Suppose! I love talking to people!

Beautiful pic done for me by the lovely as ever, Vivinspace from our Forums! Check out their thread!

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