(Fen Note: I pushed a new patch but edited the timestamp to put it below Shou’s post due to the seriousness of it.)

Hello everyone, Shou here.

So a lot of you have probably been wondering where the heck I’ve been the last two months. Well, it turns out – I’ve been really sick. I’ll give you guys a small breakdown, but most of this is just going to be general information since I wanna keep a lot of my medical stuff private. I have been suffering from pretty bad joint pain, and for a while there I couldn’t go up and down the stairs without crying because of how bad the joints in my hands, wrists, ankles, and knees were.

I went to the doctor when it got this bad and they ran me through a battery of tests and medications, and slowly discovered over the past weeks what worked and what didn’t. I was diagnosed with a few things; including a simple (but not so simple solution) autoimmune disorder with reactive arthritis. It explains why I get so sick so easily, and why my joints hurt so bad. The arthritis is new, but an expected development, and now we’re just figuring out medicine and treatments for me going in the future. Along with extra lab tests to treat more of the underlying causes.

What does this mean?? I’m still going to be working of course, now that I am on medicine and beginning to feel better. But I am a bit on the slower side as I try to minimize the damage to my joints. As the coming weeks go, however, I should be getting back up to speed due to the medications and looking forward to seeing all your wonderful faces in my streams again! I have missed you guys a lot, and I have especially missed working and just hanging out!

So in the coming days look for me to announce a Livestream and come hang out with me!
Your support means everything!

Pictured here, we have a silly mode Sandworm Parasite.