Well well well! Here we are again, a year later!

Hello everyone, Shoupup here. Fen did his final Furry Weekend Atlanta announcement the other day, and here I am with the final (and only) one from my end! We’re having a Panel again this year, but no merch booth. (I enjoy getting to walk around too much, and Fen also wants a chance to  better explore without rushing back to the table!)

Our panel is Friday, April 6th at 10:30 PM at “Panels Dock 6.”

Making Adult Adventure Games (Trials in Tainted Space) + Meet & Greet

Are you interested in producing your own erotic visual novel or adventure game? Do you enjoy games like Corruption of Champions (CoC) or Trials in Tainted Space (TiTS)? Then this is the panel for you! Fenoxo (of CoC & TiTS fame) along with the lovely, talented Shou (a staff artist) will put on a presentation of what all goes into making such highly erotic, customization-laden games, followed by trivia, Q/A, and generally hanging out. Much like our games, this panel will be 18+ only! This is your chance to chill out with the developers of one of the biggest projects on Patreon and maybe win some free swag in the process. See you there!

So there we have it, reposted from Fen’s post in case you guys wanted to read it over again. And I look forward to seeing you all around!


A character Profile done TiTS style – hopefully, you’ll be seeing the development of Shourya soon! :3 If you guys are interested in purchasing something like this, I’ll have an announcement after the convention for it.