Fenoxo here! I hope you all had a great Easter and April Fool’s. I stayed kind of quiet so as not to steal any of Savin and CoC2’s thunder, but suffice to say, I am excited to see where this goes. UpcastDrake is a phenomenal coder, and DCL has been knocking the UI design out of the park for them. Keep the good work coming, guys. (Also I had a D&D game to run Sunday night!)

Now, onto TiTS (which is going to keep chugging along largely unaffected by this). I’ve got a public patch with the start of Shekka’s follower content on the way. There’s an Anno “nerd-off” event still in the document that’s going to need some work, and I’d like to do more with the red venom addiction stuff than there currently is, so I’ll see what can happen there before too long. For right now, I’ve got to get ready to go to FWA, run a panel, and have a good time!

DCLZexon did this piece as a commission for Quiet Coyote. Not sure how Tuuva got to a green planet, but she seems to be enjoying it!

0.7.151 Changelog:

  • Shekka can now be recruited. It takes in-game months and a lot of funding to pull off! Thanks to SKoW for chipping in to write this stuff and supply some edits to her sex scenes.
  • During creation, the height selection box is now auto-filled with a semi-random average height for your chosen race. You can still change it, but it provides a quick baseline if you’d like to get going faster.
  • JohanLitvisk’s “Siren’s Bounty” transformation item has been added to the game. Nevrie on Myrellion sells it.
  • Lots of assorted fixes.

This month has been bigger on back-end work and writing than coding, leaving us with only perhaps 2-300 pages of new content instead of the usual, enormous amount. Hopefully the new scenes, new options, and Lund will be interesting enough to hold you over for now – well that and Shekka! Unf, I love that little Rask.

New Since Last Public Patch:

  • New Scenes: Sexytimes with Milly the Steeletech agent, new Kase stuff, new milking scenes for some of Savin’s characters, a pretty big Fisianna expansion, a new email from Kiro and Kally, a foursome with Kiro/Kally/Sylvie, two new penny scenes, and Maja’s lewd options.
  • New Character: Lund!
  • An inactive blackjack system is in the code now. It’ll show up later, sadly. (We made our own game with blackjack and hookers, wooo!)
  • Whimsalot coded a number of milking scenes for Savin’s characters including some fun little stuff by HugsAlright for Kase.
  • Korg’ii Hold’s rooms are all filled out now. Yay!
  • Breast descriptions have been slightly reworked to better reflect lactation.
  • More Synthsheaths can be found, and Shekka can sell some after the PC unlocks the Codex Entry for them (by using one on themself or an NPC).
  • New Busts: Maja, Verusha, Seer, Fix, and an unused recolor of the naleen male.
  • You can now shave your beard when showering in the ship or nursery.
  • A new piercing subsystem has been added, though currently only one piercing exists (Lund’s).
  • Under the hood, we added a new function to allow for a vagina selection menu to be used for certain scenes.
  • Ula’s rescue timer is back in the game. After the first time you approach her, you only have five days or so to rescue her. I’ve appended some bolded text strings to make it more obvious that she’ll be leaving, and that she might be important.
  • Added the ability to watch certain holo-scenes from anywhere (the “Smut” option in the masturbate menu).