Hey guys! Time for another CoC2 build. This is mostly backend stuff, but it’s going to allow us to start implementing content pretty soon. Specifically, DCL is working on the last of the UI assets and once those are in place, we’ll roll out another build and then start adding the first explorable area.

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Please note that, just like the last build, the game’s story content ends after the Kasyrra encounter. You can explore Hawkethorne and talk to the townsfolk (not Cait), but you cannot leave the village yet. We’re finalizing the last bit of content for the game’s first explorable region, the Foothills east of the town, which includes several enemy mobs and locations you can travel to.

0.0.07 Change Log:

  • The game’sย combat rules have been rebuilt from the ground up, with some buffs and nerfs to every class. There is documentation up on the forum for those inclined to look into such things. The biggest changes come from Attack Power and Spellpower, and how they scale with abilities. Healing and damage on both sides should be slightly lowered.
  • Combat text has been added for all spells and abilities. No more generic “Your Dirty Trick hits!”
  • The Dancer class has been renamed the Charmer. Same general idea, but adding songs and stories to their repertoire.
  • The Leadership score has been replaced with Presence, which contributes to a Leadership bonus to your companions’ Attack Power and Spell Power. While Tease combat isn’t accessible yet, Presence will be the governing attribute for sexual conflict.

Bust of one of the game’s upcoming companions, Kiyoko, by DCLzexon. Click the pic to see a gif of her various pregnancy and increased-thiccness states. It’s good stuff.