Hey guys, we’re aware of a number of problems people are having running the game. Both Chrome and Firefox are cutting their flash support to a minimum (or out entirely). Because of this, they don’t like to run downloaded copies of the game any longer. As you can imagine, this creates a significant problem for some of our less technologically-inclined backers.

To address Chrome/Firefox not running TiTS:

  • We are developing an exe-wrapped package that can be run like a normal program on download.
  • In the meantime (or if you want to run flash on your own), you can download a standalone flash player. This link should be a direct download from adobe. Just install it, then the game should automatically run inside it once you download it.

Additionally, we’re getting a high number of reports about the latest android version giving parsing errors. Surprisingly, nothing our build deployment for android has changed. Geddy has explicitly stated that she has intentionally avoided touching anything related to android to keep from breaking it. Needless to say, that hasn’t worked out.

Status of parsing errors on Android:

  • Supposedly downloading the game from a browser OTHER than chrome works (according to blog comments).
  • Once the .exe wrapper situation gets fixed, we may look into the Chrome snafu.

Thanks for your continuing patience!