Next week I should have a healthy chunk of stuff for Nenne to drop into the game. I might get a small patch to tidy up Korgonne Snacks tomorrow, but if not, look forward to some stuff hitting next week!

0.7.132 Changelog:

  • Healing items have all been put on the same once-per-combat cooldown.
  • B’s Nenne has been partially added to the Korg’ii Hold. Her lewder interactions aren’t yet in place, but a limited selection of inventory has been added.
  • Nenne sells Aphro Daisies (consumable combat lust grenade), a healing poultice (H.P.), and an early version of Korgonne Snacks (Transformation Item).
  • Korgonne Snacks feature a combination of existing canine transformation effects and new, racially-specific bits to achieve the desired look. The following effects are known to be missing: blue tongue and korgonne race detection.
  • Fixed an issue with Ula’s first time meeting assuming the PC has no genitals if they have a blocked vagina… even while they have a penis.

Anno hugging it up by SheepPun!