Aight, time to scream into the void a little bit and fill you guys in with what the idiot red clown is up to.

I just got done fiddling with the Save/Load from file stuff for the Desktop AIR build, so the next releases should have that fixed. I’ll try and get a few more of the bugs and oversights sorted before then, but it’s time to spill the beans!

Unlike the rest of the team, I don’t get ill, so don’t worry there.

Instead, everything around me falls to pieces. Check after the break if you care about idiot RL stuff that has kept me busy for the last half year!

For the last six months I’ve been dealing with a shockingly worthless landlord, trying to get a simple pipe leak fixed, and have somebody look at a separate roof leak. And endless cycle of being on the phone for hours, writing fucking huge emails detailing the entire thing, a revolving door of different contractors coming to price things up and then fuck off never to be seen again. It took so long I had fucking mushrooms growing on the wall at the side of my office. It was fucking disgusting, and I had to yank every chain I could find to get some movement on fixing it. It finally got sorted in December, and now I’ve gotta deal with these fucked up nasty walls for a few more weeks whilst everything dries out so the contractors can come back and fix them.

I had a good two weeks of not having much to worry about after that, focusing on work.

And then my car fucked up. More to the point, I dropped £1200 getting it fixed, got it to move less than two whole miles (1.7 miles, to be exact), before it ran into another, supposedly unrelated problem, that the actual Ford dealership garage I bought the fucking thing from wants another £1200 to fix. Not some cowboy garage, an actual Ford franchisee garage. There’s more to the story, but I don’t particular want to spew words on a blog about the specifics unless anybody who has actual experience dealing with dodgy mechanics in the UK happens to chime up, but needless to say, most of the last two weeks has now been spent trying to handle this fucking clusterfuck and figure out the right way to hammer them into the fucking ground, because the first £1200 was borderline on if I should spend it or just fuck it off and buy a new car as it is, the second round is just a fucking complete joke.