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Sneaky Public Update

Sneaking out a mid-month public update so I can transition everything to an updated build system and make sure it’s working whilst I’m awake and looking at it.

0.7.127 brings a new distribution of the game; the AIR ZIP archive. Basically, download it, extract it, and run the executable. There you go, that’s the game running. I’ve got some more things to play with to make this even easier maybe in the near future, but I wanted to get this out because it end-runs around people needing to install Flash entirely, and it adds a new feature. The regular play page will be updated soon to link to the new file, but it should already be available on the Backer build page!

As for the new feature: AIR builds running on Windows have a few new buttons that can show up in the Data menu; Import Saves and Save Sets (once you have some imported).

Import Saves will look through a couple of common places that you may have TiTS saves located from playing in your browser (FF or Chrome) or the Projector (should also catch IE). This will gather them all up into one place.

Save Sets are available once you’ve successfully imported saves. Each set correlates to a different location that Importing managed to find files. This will let you switch between all the saves you have, fish out the ones you want, Save To File them, and repeat until you’ve gathered up everything you actually want in one place.

plz no die

I managed to get a 100 degree fever yesterday, and I’m still in the same ballpark today. Probably gonna take today off, I wager, though maybe I can get some feverish Ula writing done.

[Backers] More Storm Lancer and Prototype Plugging


  • Two new scenes added to the Storm Lancer, penned by Night Trap.
  • One scene is a new victory scene for vagina-havers. The others is a new loss scene for ladies in heat.
  • Work to build-in support for orifice plugging (and potential chastity) is ongoing. Thus far, I’ve added a simple version of it that is cleared by showering. I’ve also have it force the PC to shower when flying off planet to clear the effect to save me tearing my hair out trying to rejigger everything in the game. I intend to add an accompanying status effect that explains that it doubles your libido as well as parser support tomorrow, if I’m feeling up to it.

I went ahead and set up some stuff to potentially support vaginal and anal chastity while I was at it, but if anyone wants to actually add such an item to the game, I think I’m going to need a significant outlay of effort (think 15-20 supporting scenes for various NPCs) from the effort it’ll take to rejigger every sex menu in the game to properly handle it.

I woke up with a hell of a lot of congestion in my chest. Hopefully this is a passing thing and not something I’ll be stuck fighting like last month.

Lovely Ula fanart deployed by SheepPun!

[Backers] Storm Lancer v0.0000000000000000000069


  • The storm lancer has been added to Uveto’s encounter table for PC’s with genitals. He’s a big, blue dude with an attitude. Also there’s some weirdness his scenes introduce that is going to require some serious back-end revisions and updates to classic content. Presently he has three real scenes and some pretty involved combat routines.
  • Cundarian (Storm Lancer) and Spinarran Codexes have been added to the game.

There’s two more scenes for the storm lancer to add in addition to support for plugged orifices that will need handled. I can’t say I’m looking forward to the latter, but the former ought to be good considering who wrote them. Have a great weekend, and I’m glad I got to drop this in the afternoon instead of monday!

Art is Gardeford’s Puazi, Gwen, getting some alien love! By Santafire (messy version on his tumblr).

Storm Lancer: Coming Soon

I just got the Storm Lancer’s (male Uvetan enemy) combat routines to compile. Keep your eyes peeled for a content drop by Monday at the latest with this one. People who like big, buff, dudes should be pretty happy with it.

As I was discussing in our discord chat earlier, I’m going to focus on pounding out as much of Uveto’s content as possible (including my pet project, Korg’ii Hold), then sliding into the next story zone and/or Azra’s third quest. The pile of submitted waifus might sit a little, but I’ll be looking to bring people in to help fill out the next story zone and Azra quest… and Korg’ii Hold, but I already have people wrapping up their projects there.

Enjoy the weekend!

[Backers] Zil & Ula Work

0.7.124 Changelog

  • Mistybirb’s enhancements female zil pregnancy and enhancements to sex scenes have been implemented by UpcastDrake.
  • Crossman’s planetary busts for Uveto have been updated and added to the space elevator scene.
  • Ula’s talks have had alternate text for the eventual improvements to Korgonne translators.

I’m going to take a poke at the Stormguard enemy for Uveto that’s been waiting in the wings next.

Happy Year of the Dog

I’m told that 2018 is the Year of the Dog (or it will be in February but who’s counting). Well, you know what that means: there’s gonna be a lot of ausar love coming your way! In the meantime, I hope you all had happy holidays and meet the new year with lusto gusto.

Art by the delightful DCL.

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