• The storm lancer has been added to Uveto’s encounter table for PC’s with genitals. He’s a big, blue dude with an attitude. Also there’s some weirdness his scenes introduce that is going to require some serious back-end revisions and updates to classic content. Presently he has three real scenes and some pretty involved combat routines.
  • Cundarian (Storm Lancer) and Spinarran Codexes have been added to the game.

There’s two more scenes for the storm lancer to add in addition to support for plugged orifices that will need handled. I can’t say I’m looking forward to the latter, but the former ought to be good considering who wrote them. Have a great weekend, and I’m glad I got to drop this in the afternoon instead of monday!

Art is Gardeford’s Puazi, Gwen, getting some alien love! By Santafire (messy version on his tumblr).