Lerris Medium Clothed (Adjatha)Fen, you’re supposed to get sick the week Overwatch’s beta launches. Wayta shoot your load early, pal.

Anyway, I finished writing a latex-bodysuit-wearing whore for Beth’s yesterday. She was a lot of fun to work on — probably the most enjoyable bit of lewdness I’ve worked on in a while. Shame the overly intricate and detailed backstory I outlined for her never came up, but oh well.

Gonna start working on moving Shade over from Myrellion to Uveto today, for those PCs who’ve unlocked that story beat. Not going to be too involved to start with, but expect to see some e-mails in your Codex of various emotional content by the time you arrive on the moon, probably some new talk scenes. Slowly but surely clearing out that backlog.

Even bustier Lerris by Adjatha. Poor thing’s going to OD on Lactaid one of these days!