Aki_SeraStill feeling kind of sickly today (as evidenced by my latest Overwatch video on youtube – seriously mediocre attempt at commentary!), but I still cranked in a pretty good work day.

The following all got done:

  • 1000+ words of writing for the hyper-endowed male furry.
  • Coded the above scene.
  • Coded in new busts for Lerris (all six eight!), Nayna, Zaalt, and Sera.
  • Reviewed some code merges that happened over the weekend – a few small items are on the way.
  • Coded in a new NPC at Beth’s that Savin wrote.

Hopefully that’ll make up for the disappointing showing I had yesterday! I’ll probably drop a backer patch tomorrow if all goes well! Also, the next custom scene I have to do involves an army of alien girls squirting on the PC. Should be… uh… interesting.

Lovely fanart-turned-in-game-bust by Aki.