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[Backers] Tuuva to the Rescue

One of the original images I got for the art pack back in the day, by Doxy.

0.7.257 Changelog:

  • After being saved, Tuuva now has a chance to assist the player in defeating the various milodan warriors. This also allows you to play a repeat of her threesome scene with the milodan temptress.
  • Enemies with captives in Korgii hold will now display the captive’s bust as well during combat.
  • New Adjatha Bust: Zil Champions (Plantation Quest-related).
  • New Shou Busts: Milodan War Lion and Orgy participants for the Jumper/slave orgy
  • New images have been placed into specific scenes for the “image pack” variant of the game (50+ images). (It also features the ability to zoom in on the corner busts and comes with much higher rez files for the busts. As you can imagine, it’s a bit girthier than our standard fare.) A download link for the image pack version of the game is available on the accompanying Patreon post.

I have a few one-off scenes to code, then it’s back to the big boy Milodan boss!


Or… we have a really meaty update. One of the two!

While I’ve been dickering around in the land of organizing, writing, and coding the Wargii Hold project, our community has not been idle. Community writers have given left us absolutely flush with interesting new tidbits, and the community coders have smashed out a lot of neat additions for the game. Check them out below – but first, a word of warning: I neither wrote nor coded these. They may be a few more rough edges than usual.

If you encounter something broken, please let us know so we can fix it! I like to bitch about bug-fixing, but it’s one of the most essential parts of making this game fun to play.

0.7.255 Changelog:

  • Okay, I did code a few things myself. First, a number of new busts were added to the game: Milodan Temptress (nude), Rodenian Mechanic, Betsy and Victoria (dressed), Krissy the Christmas Reindeer-girl (with Gushed and Throbbed variants), Lola (clothed), Simone (fully nude), and Roz’s armor.
  • Adjatha also took a look back into the history books and redrew Kelly. The updated bust is a true work of art.
  • More DoT’s should show damage.
  • A Saurmorian transformation item is now available from Nevrie! Penned by Aullama and coded by Lighterfluid.
  • A big expansion that allows you to bump into the cow-girls from the Ten Ton Gym is now live. Written by Slab Bulkhead and coded by DrunkZombie.
  • Rat’s Raider should actually stay away for a while if you pay them off. (Thanks, Lighterfluid).
  • Added a new scene for bathing with Verusha on Myrellion. Written by Doots, coded by Lighterfluid.
  • Frosty’s belated Christmas expansion has been added to the game. Written by B and coded by Whimsalot.
  • A new NPC has been added to Tarkus with an item that can transform you into a new, atypical race. Written by Gothpastel and coded by Lighterfluid.
  • Yoma and Shizzy should be easier to encounter (coded by Whimsalot).
  • Bothrioc Quaddommes will not appear until Ara Kei’s quest has been started, and the PC can start it at Level 7 as usual without finding all the Quaddomme spots in the Deep Caves. Coded by DrunkZombie.
  • After the first time through security at New Texas or Gastigoth, disarming and re-arming should be automatic. Thanks, SomebodyElseEntirely.
  • Lane has a new scene for PC’s with very small endowments. Written by B and coded by DrunkZombie.
  • A new Anno dream/event was added to the game. Written by ATW-Luna and coded by DrunkZombie.

Oof! That’s a lot of patchnotes. Have a great weekend, everybody. The next patch will probably be a week out, barring any major bug-fixes!

[Backers | TiTS] Tempting the Korgonne

Shou decided to take another stab at Zaalt’s bust… and did up this hilariously anime variant of the final bust. Sadly, he misplaces the shades before you meet him in game.

The Resident Evil 2 remake JUST came out. I loved those game on my old Playstation – they scared the shit out of adolescent me so badly that I wouldn’t play them if I was in a room by myself. I’d stick with Final Fantasy VII in times like those.

Know what else just came out? The Overwatch Chinese New Year’s event.

Know what I’m not playing? Either. Some other (admittedly fun) stuff came up this evening that kept me from being able to pound on code much and limited the effectiveness of what code-typing I did do. Never fear! I’ve spent the scant few hours before bed assembling a steaming hot plate of new patch for you all. The big news in this one is that it adds a Milodan Temptress to War’gii Hold. Gynophiles rejoice!

I’ll get time for gaming in the evenings on the weekend, or maybe Sunday during the day.

0.7.254 Changelog:

  • New enemy available in the invasion of Korg’ii Hold: the Milodan Temptress. This one was mostly QuestyRobo’s brainchild (with a bit of help from William). This slutty cat will have a captive Tuuva the first time you meet her!
  • Added a few options to the milodan infiltrator fight. I also realized I want to rework the buttons some more. I’m pretty sure right now the “Leave” buttons for a few of the encounters don’t work properly with the rescues.
  • The “Aphro” and “Aphro Gas” status effects now display how much damage they are doing to you when their DoTs (Damage over Time) effects proc. I intend to page through other similar statuses and see if I can clean up more of them later.
  • The Milodan Infiltrator, Milodan War-Lion, and Milodan Temptress have all had their attacks updated to allow for them to attack a friendly creature in the PC’s party. This shouldn’t have any effect for now – unless it introduces new bugs.
  • Jacques00 made some assorted bug and typo fixes.

[Backers | TiTS] More Korgii War!

Somebody has to save Maja…

0.7.253 Changelog:

  • New encounter added to the war for Korg’ii Hold: a drugged korgonne who was left unsatisfied by the milodans who dosed her. Are you a bad enough dude to help her out with her augmented urges? (By: Wsan)
  • You can no longer rest inside Korg’ii Hold during the siege.
  • Milodan War-Lions and Infiltrators can now be disarmed and make relevant bare-fisted attacks.
  • Milodan War-Lions and Infiltrators now drop healing poultices or an energy recovery item 90% of the time.
  • Characters with low HP or energy have a chance of finding a stim or poultice on the floor (if they have none of their own).
  • The lower floors have had their descriptions altered and their bonus calls fixed so that you can’t encounter “normal” Korg’ii Hold NPCs any longer.
  • Several barricades have been placed in the stairwells and surrounding areas such that the path to the “royal” area is much lengthier (and perhaps even mildly difficult to puzzle out?)
  • Added some randomized messages that append to the room descriptions to really drive home the combative and chaotic nature of what is going on during the invasion.

Tomorrow I intend to focus on writing for the Milodan War-Alpha (the boss!!!), and maybe slogging into coding the Milodan temptress. We’ll see! There’s going to be at least two scenes for losing to the boss, and then I need to flow into the epilogue scenarios for if you win.

…please let me finish this off this week…

[Backers] 2Slow

Shou’s first take on the War Lion. Expect to see him trade the pistol for a sword and gain some armor once she has a chance to do a second pass on him! What a handsome cat!

Finally I have something you guys can look at testing. It’s probably buggy and unbalanced, but feel free to leave any comments about tweaks or issues as they arise.

0.7.252 Changelog:

  • You can now “test” the Wargii Hold event at any time by talking to Ula. This option will disappear in the future.
  • New Warg’ii Hold enemies: Milodan Infiltrator and Milodan War Lion, written by Wsan.
  • The bottom floors of Korg’ii Hold are not properly set up yet. Avoid going down there for now.
  • To leave the Warg’ii Hold event, head up to Ula’s father’s room. It’ll auto-exit and attempt to reset the flags.
  • The Sidewinder in Zheng Shi should now have its entrance marked.
  • New Ramis sex scenes (and panty collecting!) by Nonesuch.

Monday is going to be a big day. I should be scoring an 8 hour art stream from Mr. Pink, and I’m probably gonna jump in and stream myself for a while as well. I’ve also got a ton of volunteer coded stuff to shovel into the main game as well. Look forward to it!

P.S. I got some writing commissions in too! Once I get a better handle on the hold, I’ll be pursuing them. Spoiler alert: Tentacle PC + Mitzi, and maybe some Penny/Syri interactions as well!

[PUBLIC | TiTS] Merry New Years

Doots got me a lovely Christmas Kiro from Son237. Maybe next year we can open the box, if we’re good boys and girls!

So uh… this is turning into a real bear of a month for me. I’m basically going to AWOL this week due to having houseguests for the next five days or so, after which I have some headaches to deal with in regards to immigration. Hopefully by the 10th things will settle down, and I can get back to the grind.

I did some work for the Invasion of Korg’ii Hold quest that I’ve had planned forever – mostly the introduction event and framing for the first optional combat encounter as well as the start of the hold’s siege proper. Since a fair amount of the content is written already, I hope to be fairly nimble in its development and have the whole event finished before the end of the month. Fingers crossed.

0.7.251 Changelog:

  • A new scene for Krissy, written by Thirdgames, is available.
  • It should no longer be possible to proc combat encounters when loading a save.
  • Lots of assorted fixes.
  • Unfortunately, it looks like Jacques00 made the SynthSheath limit apply to the one available from Riya’s Christmas party event… I’m probably going to remove this in a future build. A Christmas event totally shouldn’t be limited in such a way. It’s a present!

There’s at least one decent-sized chunk of submitted code in the pull requests. Hopefully I can slide that through within the next week.

[Public | TiTS] Merry Christmas!

0.7.250 Changelog:

  • A new holiday encounter has been added! Encounter Krissy the reindeer girl, stuck away from her home after a Christmas Party. Are you a bad enough dude to give her a ride home? (I wrote this one!)
  • Various typo fixes and such.

What’s New This Month:

  • The final boss encounter of Zheng Shi is now live. You can face off with the Shock Hopper and L.D.C.!
  • New holiday events: Gwen Christmas (#2), Rat’s Raidersmas, Riya’s Holiday Party, Holidays at Embrys, Femdom Goblin Dream
  • New Busts: Dr. Teyaal, Olympia, and all six Rat’s Raiders,
  • New Event(s): Cow-girl femdom dreams on New Texas.
  • New Event: Showering with Paige.
  • New Expansion: Pregnancy for Quaelle.
  • New Option: Naming pet varmints.
  • New Option: Penny bimbofication and turning in Dr. Badger
  • New Transformation Item: Mousearella Cheese.
  • Probably some other stuff I forgot!

Thank you to all of you: our staff, our supporters, our community writers/coders, and all of you who have had kind words to share about the things we’ve done. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, and I’ll see you guys on the other side!

[Backers] Carbonado Christmas

Gwen enjoying some off planet nightlife by JuicyDemon.

Before I get into the changelog, I want to give a quick shout-out to Carol J’s Patreon. I didn’t get a proper plug in the changelog for his Christmas entry, so I’m doing it now. Lovely stuff from that corner if you like femdom.

Now onto the patch notes!

0.7.249 Changelog:

  • The Christmas content for Gwen and Eimear is now live, courtesy of Gardeford. Just like last years it is procced by approaching them shortly after closing time (assuming you’ve already hung out with them once). If you’ve done neither event yet, you can do both – simply wait three or so days after the first one before trying again.
  • For those at “Good CEO” rank with Rats Raiders, there has been a new option added to the encounter with your rival and Feruze. Click ??? to find out what happens next!
  • Fixed a few typos I encountered while doing a playthrough yesterday.

I intend to slide a public patch out on Christmas day, but until then, I have an idea for a reindeer cutie I’d like to write. It’s been a long time since I wrote a holiday NPC myself.

[Backers] Ratty Christmas!

The other bunch of raiders, not yet picture on the blog. Art by Adjatha.

Only one winning scene left to add to the game! With any luck, I’ll have that in by tomorrow evening, and perhaps make a holiday contribution of my own before returning to regularly scheduled content.

0.7.247 Changelog:

  • Riya’s event now properly makes sure you’ve met Riya. A check was inverted. My bad!
  • If you’re a non-taur on good(ish) terms with Rat’s Raiders and have a vagina (or penis that fits inside) AND have read the Rodenian Codex entry AND it’s Christmas AND you’re on Zheng Shi AND you’re entering your ship… there’s a 25% chance the raiders will show up for a bit of holiday cheer, and even introduce themselves. Golly, that’s a lot of names! (Good work, William!)

0.7.248 Changelog:

  • I unfucked a value I had forced to be “true” for the purposes of testing. Nothing to see here, folks!


Shou came up with a new charity. I love it.

What’s new today? A new transformation item, restructuring Jade’s buy menus, and an absolutely enormous five-part dream sequence by Carol J for straight femdom lovers.

0.7.244 & 245 Changelog:

  • Higuera’s “Mousearella Cheese” transformation item has been added to the game. Jade sells it in her shop (and the raiders should be able to drop it as well).
  • Jade’s shop has been split into three menus: one for very erotic, involved transformations, one for standard transformations, and one for very targeted transformations. Hopefully this’ll make sorting her stuff out easier in the future.
  • A new series of dreams that culminate in a possible bad-end have been added to the game, written by Carol J. You can begin to get them after hitting level 7. Note that you must: use masculine pronouns, have a penis, have balls, and have been to New Texas.
    • Update: 0.7.245: Fixed an issue with dream routing, made it so they only occur while sleeping on New Texas, and turning down Alexandra’s dreams twice in a row should disable them. Thanks for all your feedback!
  • If you have a basic tongue, the appearance won’t bother talking about it.
  • Leveling above level 5 has been slowed down a bit. Hopefully not too much!

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