Happy Valentines Day! Eat some chocolate, and remember that pornhub does its premium shit for free today.

A quick head’s up – I’ve been doing a lot of reviewing of ancient submissions that have piled up since this has been a hectic week with family birthdays and V-day all landing around the same time, resulting in a tired Fen. Turns out sitting around and reading takes less brainpower than churning it out yourself, luckily. One highlight thus far has been Verusha, the hyena mercenary. She’ll be good stuff. Zil pregnancy is also looking pretty good.

In addition, I spent the better part of two or three hours playing TiTS for the first time in a good long while. Got all the way through Mhenga and Tarkus, picking up Kase and Anno along the way. I have to say, the item re-balance feels really nice thus far in game. Armor and weapons all have interesting niches, so it was nice to pour over two different items and contrast and compare which would be best for my build.


(PS: Ohgod140pagewaifutoreadkillmenowwww)