That’s going to be it for this weekend! I look forward to to fully polishing off my contributions & plans for Uveto so that I can go to work on the next plot mission or Azra’s next expedition. Or coding some backlogged stuff, I guess as well! <3

0.7.138 Changelog:

  • Anno can now be slipped a pile (10) Huskar Treats in order to get THICC, courtesy of Savin. Most of her sex scenes have been subtly or not-so-subtly tweaked to account for her new figure.
  • A new Adjatha bust for THICC Anno has been added.
  • One of Tuuva’s talk scenes has been adjusted to account for the PC helping her out with her size problem.
  • The timer for getting locked out of Ula has been temporarily removed. In a month or so I’ll be bringing it back (gotta let the next public patch give folks a chance to save her).
  • Somehow bringing your maximum HP into the negatives should now result in a bad end.
  • New item from Maja in silly mode: Miniature Giant Baby Kor’diiak. It serves no purpose.
  • [EDIT/UPDATE]: Jacques00 also coded SoAndSo’s space moth and goat transformation items. The Seer in Gildenmere sells them.
  • Assorted other fixes and tweaks.

THICC Anno bust is by Adjatha.