The first part of Gardeford’s Maja character is now in game, though without all the LOODs you guys probably demand. You’ll just have to be patient till he can finish writing them. Also, it occurs to me that I have once more forgotten to put in author credit for this NPC. Sorry Garde, I’ll have it on next patch.

It also looks like someone made a subreddit for my stuff! I’m not involved in any official capacity, but if that’s your jam, give it a subscribe.

0.7.137 Changelog:

  • Korg’ii Hold’s first sub-level now has the map fully out.
  • Korg’ii Hold’s second sub-level has been partly mapped out, including Maja’s stables. Currently only accessible through the southwest stairwell.
  • The PC can rent one animal from Maja’s stables at a time and must return the rented animal before another can be taken. Some make movement take less time, help in combat, or both. Sadly, animals are less reliable than drones.
  • The inventory screen quickly displays your equipped items once more.
  • New bust, Heidrun – pictured at right.
  • Goo armor has some new flavor texts and should be harder to lose.
  • Yappi Strap prices have been adjusted.


PS: I forgot to do this, but I’m going to try and make Ula not disappear from her cave for those that missed her the first time around, and update the event to make it more clear that it is limited time and somewhat important before restoring the time sensitive bit.