Verusha the Hyena is a domineering, hermaphroditic hyena mercenary that hangs out in the Mess’s bar when she’s not busy on a mission. She has a good variety of scenes but, including special ones for PCs in rut, heat, or with smaller endowments. Just don’t be too tall when you go to visit her, or expect to have much control over how things go!

I jumped on coding this back-logged character because I’m burning out hard on reviewing submissions. Editing that 150 page waifu is killing me, and I did not get enough sleep to be a good editor today!

0.7.139 Changelog:

  • Doots’s Verusha the hyena mercenary is now available in the bar on Tarkus. She’ll show up in the slot for roaming bar NPCs more than any others.
  • The roaming bar NPC system has been updated so that an NPC will stay in place for 90m to 150m. Note that this is not maintained through save/load cycles.
  • New Item: Hornucopia, written by Gothpastel. Sold by Ceria (unlocked alongside Hornitol), Nevrie, and Dr. Lesssu. It changes the color of horns (mainly mentioned in the appearance screen).
  • A few treatment effects for standard bimbo cows have been added thanks to AHornyPanda.
  • The “Potent” starter perk now causes certain volume-boosting items and effects to work twice as quickly.
  • Made a few tweaks and fixes as a result of playing the game a bunch.
  • A LOT of bug fixes and tweaks, courtesy of Jacques00.

Art is Verusha going to town on what I can only assume is a fluffy purple Steele an OC by the name of Max, by DCLZexon.