Because I just slept 12 hours in hopes that it would somehow not be Monday. Turns out I didn’t sleep long enough! So back to work I go. Last night, I started writing some smut where bimbos can blow Kiro’s sister behind the bar during a slow spot in D&D. I guess I’m going to start off the week by finishing that, then write up some conversations with her.

Edit: Still writing that scene (and the three possible end variants). Over 4,000 words. It’ll be a treat for bimbofied PCs for sure. I just gotta wrap up the one where she takes a bunch of shots of her own alcoholic cum and massively cumflates the PC. I might try to do something special for taurs too. This is what I get for starting a scene on a lark on my day off >.>

Edit2: 4.8k for the day. Damn near my top end for work in a day. See you gents Tuesday (or this morning, I guess).