Still coughing, still sound like a 50 year old chain smoker. In spite of that, I sat down and wrote some stuff for gloryholes tonight. It was supposed to be one scene that was modular for a couple different NPCs that could be on the other side. (I’m doing the ‘pitch’ side of gloryhole stuff atm.) Instead it wound up being 2,400 words of stuff for one random, four-boobed kaithrit.

I’m probably going to prune back the scale of it and do one for a centaur, and one where you get to fuck a pussy through the gloryhole, then roll over into doing stuff where the PC is on the receiving end (which is where the option to unlock a Kally/Kiro threesome will happen).

Blech. Hopefully I get more writes done tomorrow. Got a wicked nasty headache now. Night.

P.S. If anyone wants to write a one-off where a wacky alien or existing NPC shows up to give the PC blowies, I made a thread for it.