I wrote another 2k+ tonight, but I still sound like a man who had his voice-box replaced with a sandpaper-scrubbed asshole. You can’t win ’em all, I guess?

I’m going to merge in some more bugfix patching Jacques00 did. Expect another pubbie bugpatch, then the backer content will flow.

Here’s some ideas I had that’ll probably never happen unless someone writes them:

  • A Mister/Miss Morph competition. Think beauty pageant, but the PC gets to interview the judges a week before the contest to try and suss out their likes/dislikes. Then, he or she can transform him/herself appropriately in an attempt to win. Maybe even have ten different judges that it randomly picks five from?
  • A Treated Ausar (aka “Hellhound”) who loves to ask people, “Could you even knot, bro?”

Edit: Surprise 0.6.92 Changelog (PUBLIC) – Thanks, Jacques00:

  • adjatha_red_heavyVarious typo fixes.
  • Fix trigger flags of Penny’s turn-tables note on Dr. Badger quest.
  • Fix Sera “Play” with baby scene and adjust Sera’s nursery appearance chance.
  • Fix Firefox TF trigger calculation.
  • Fix ‘Nuki Nuts triggers when cum produced over 100% capacity.
  • Re-insert milk gain notes for PCs.
  • Add floor button menu for the Tavros elevator.
  • More nursery adjustments.
  • Nursery stuff updated to account for non-roaming children.
  • Add facility and blurb for tentacle beast children.

Hopefully the worst of the bugs are swept under the rug, because I’m dropping a new backer build sometime in the next 24 hours :3