nerrasaIt’ll be full of bugs; I guarantee it.

Since it’s Halloween, we’re going to put out a public build with a spooky new tentacle dungeon. Some of you may have found your way in there in older builds, but whatever.

Gedan did a complete overhaul to the time process system, so I expect we’ll see lots of new bugs pop up, both there and in the dungeon. Be sure to log any new stuff in the bug report forum, and if anything major crops up, we’ll dump out fixes as needed.

0.6.90 Changelog:

  • Dr. Lessau is in game.
  • Spooky Halloween dungeon should be active.
  • Time passage recoded to be more efficient – should be less lag on waiting for pregnancies to complete.
  • New busts and such.
  • Probably a bunch of other stuff. I’m sick and all the merges make it tough to pick out exactly what’s new for this one.
  • Gedan and Jacques00 can yell at me if they want stuff added here.

Buff Ausar by Shoupup.