jacques00_shekka_vnI think I’ve slept 10+ hours the past two days, and I’m starting to feel better. My voice still sounds like a chain-smoking 80 year old, and energy levels still aren’t where they used to be. Definitely still room for improvement. At least I can sleep for more than 6 hours without being woken by my own coughing.

Word from Sav-town is that he’s getting better too. So yay!

I’m going to dig through some of the piles of things that I have to review – there’s a lot, then put out a pubbie Halloween build so everyone can enjoy the spoopy adventure Savin write up… a year ago. Has it really been so long? That’s about the best effort level of work you’re getting out of me today.

At left: Shekka more or less as she should appear during the VN, of course drawn by Jacques00. I’m going to bundle the finished arts up in higher quality on Patreon for those backing at the $10 level in a few minutes, I think.